Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I did a Facebook Live that was all about why we resist feeling good, and what we can do about it.

The link to the video is below- it’s about 30 minutes long.

The main things I talked about:

When we are young, we understand that feeling good is our natural state. At some point, you were told that you were too much, too big, too smart, or were asked to take it down a notch, quit showing off, be realistic, etc.

Those moments start to create a cap on how good we allow ourselves to feel, because the messages that get embedded in our energetic systems through those moments are things like “It isn’t safe to be me” and “When I feel good, I get in trouble.”

Over time, these messages get reinforced as we try and fit into society and school and professional life. You develop a set point for how good you allow yourself to feel based on what has been deemed safe and reasonable for living your life within a certain container.

And every time you decide to do something that moves you past that set point and into greater levels of feeling good, there is a lot of inertia to overcome.

Definitely check out the video- I also went into why we have a hard time doing the things we know feel great for us, why it can be so frustrating to sustain new habits and activities even when we love them, and, of course- WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!!

Why We Don’t Feel Good [+ What To Do About It]

Another super important thing that I mentioned in the video that I really want to make clear right now:

Feeling good all the time doesn’t mean that you never feel sad or angry or frustrated or overwhelmed ever again. It’s not about living a perfect, cookie cutter life. I don’t even think that exists.

What it does mean is that even when you are in the middle of the yuck or feel stuck or are having a bad day, it’s not because you are questioning your wholeness, your worthiness, your deservingness to exist and enjoy your life.

Feeling “good” means knowing you are inherently whole and worthy, and that you have the ability to recognize that no matter what you are going through.

And of course it means opening up more greatly to joy and love and magic and all of those things!

To really get to this place of deep, rooted worthiness, it’s necessary to connect to your core and to understand how to safely take up space, inhabit your body, experience and process your emotions, and to practice being in your habits and patterns and negative reactions while still maintaining contact with your knowing of who you are.

This is the deep, gritty, wholly transformational work that I do with people.

It’s not just about infusing magical thoughts into your brain and playing with energy. It’s a decision to become wholly and unapologetically who you are, and to have a deep level of support as you learn how to tap into your emotions, process your experiences, and rewire your patterns on a cellular and energetic level.

This is where the real magic happens.

And this is where my superpowers lie-
In being your support system as you learn to emotionally and energetically support yourself.
In lovingly pointing out your blind spots and offering different perspectives so you can open up to magic and possibilities and create the life YOU want.

And in working with you to clear out stuck energy, old cellular patterns that live underneath the surface, and to cultivate your own custom practices and rituals that help you feel better than you ever imagined.

If you’re curious about what it might look like to receive this level of support in your life, let’s have a conversation. We’ll chat about what’s present for you right now, where you desire to be in your life, and if it’s a fit we can discuss potential options for working together.

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