“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.” –Rosabeth Moss Kanter

If you’re here, you’ve felt the call to something more.
Not, perhaps, “more” in the extractive, capitalist, always more more more sense.

Rather, a call into More:

More of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

More Joy.
More Pleasure.
More Creative Fulfillment.
More Nourishment.
More Trust.
More Meaning.
More Aliveness. 

More time, space, and energy to explore what lights you up.

More of what matters to you and makes life worth living.


Maybe you have a clear idea of what that looks like. Maybe it’s more of a feeling- a feeling that this isn’t quite it and something greater is possible.

Either way, there’s something inside you calling you into the next iteration of your wholeness, your aliveness, your YOU-ness. 

In the Vision Session we get straight to the heart of the matter– your heart.

Because transformation doesn’t happen without. It happens from within.

There’s a lot of noise out there about how we are meant to experience success–

whether that be a number in the bank account, the way your relationships look, how you feel about your body, the path of your career or work–

and we are often taught to outsource our own inner knowing and desire to fit a certain mold.

Even if you are a bit unconventional, a rebel at heart with dreams and ideas and convictions for new ways of living and thriving…

Sometimes you can find yourself pulled back into patterns you learned in order to survive in this world– particularly when it comes to taking care of others or living up to expectations that have been placed on you.

And perhaps you’re ready to transform– not to become someone else. But to more fully live into and express who you truly are at your core.

🏹 Outside of everyone else’s expectations.
🏹 Fully resourced from Self so you can care, give, and create from a place of wholeness and joy.
🏹 Embodied and congruent in your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
🏹 Powerfully lit up from within.


It’s time to step into a new vision of possibility and transform your life into one you love waking up for.


The Vision Session is a space to:

🌿 Dial down the noise of outside voices, stories, and unhelpful patterns

🌀 Expand access to your core Self and inner wisdom

🌟 Receive clarity on what you truly want and what’s required to create it

🔮 Focus on an approach rooted in joy, nourishment, and pleasure

🔥 Courageously claim your path forward and begin your first steps to get there

A clear vision may manifest in certain external circumstances– but it lives within you.

When we give ourselves the gift of clarity and claim what we want– even when it’s scary, even when we have no idea how to bring what we want to life, even if it feels enormous and uncertain– it creates space for magic, miracles, and new possibilities to unfold.

This container is a space that welcomes your wildness, your weirdness, your messiness, your bigness.

That encourages you to explore your edges, dream fully, and expand into possibilities beyond where you’ve been before.

That allows you to set down your hyper-independence and be fully seen and supported in your wholeness.

I think we can be highly creative and focused, driven and ambitious, as well as needing and deserving care, support, and a place to be held in our feelings and vulnerabilities.

Strong and capable humans deserve a soft space to land and be fiercely, tenderly held– particularly as they move forward into the next layer of creating and becoming. This is exactly that space for you.

Step into the portal and book your Vision Session today:

New Client Only: $300
(regular rate: $375)

Payment is due upon time of booking. If you are having trouble finding a time, or have any questions, please email kate@katemarolt.com.

This session may also serve as an initial program consultation for a longer term coaching container with Kate. Should we both agree that continued support would be a fit for you, the investment for your session can be applied to any coaching program you enter into.