What might be possible if you moved through the world knowing that you had your own back?

Knowing, all the way down to your bones, that no matter what comes your way, you can show up fully with power and grace?

What could your life be like if you had more energy, more clarity, and more capacity to focus on the things that bring you joy and light in this world?

Believing in yourself and following through on what you want from a place of wholeness and peace within?

You’re invited to Trust Yourself More, a 4 week experience where you will learn my holistic process for moving through fear, staying true to yourself, and creating more of what you love in your life – without burning out or forgoing your well-being in the process.

Here’s what you’ll learn and receive:


Four Deep Dive Classes:


What is trust, really? And how do you cultivate more of it?

This class will kick off our time together and share with you the foundations of building trust with yourself on all levels – mind, body, and energy. We will also go over what it takes to create trust and how that will be approached throughout this experience.


What stops you from believing in yourself and trusting that you’ve got this – whatever “this” happens to be right now?

Learn the top three fears that stop people from trusting themselves, how to recognize them when they are taking over, and how to re-pattern your brain and body to move through them with confidence, courage, and full permission to be you.


What would it be like to know you have your own back, no matter what?

In this class you’ll learn the tools to recognize self-sabotage and self-abandonment quickly so you can course correct and reconnect with your true self. You’ll learn strategies for being compassionate and gentle with yourself and how to repair places trust has been broken so you can move forward feeling whole.


When you know how to create it consistently, trust is a renewable resource.

In our final session we will talk about how to set yourself up in your daily life so you are continuously building and strengthening the foundations of trust within yourself. You will learn to embody the energy of trust and how to make decisions and choices from a place of believing in yourself.

Additional Support:

Daily Connection:

Every day for 30 days you will receive a short email with a centering thought or an exploration question to support you in your self-trust journey. These will occasionally be accompanied by reflections on what we talk about in class and suggestions for how to deepen your studies.

A Note:

Part of learning to trust yourself more is full recognizing that no one else can do it for you. Each of us has a unique blueprint for how we operate – and part of the work is developing your own owner’s manual for your joy and aliveness – in your body, in your work, in your soul, in your life. I am here as a guide, a support system, an extra set of eyes as you discover your blueprint and develop your manual. I can provide you tools and practices. I can ask questions that will open doors and new ways of being for you. I am not your guru. I am not the authority. I am someone who is excellent at creating space for exploration and safety to try new things, and who is wholly committed to walking this path beside you.

Join me?

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Why self-trust?

Beyond the vague, wouldn’t-that-be-nice notion of “yeah it would be cool to trust myself”, self-trust is absolutely foundational for living a life you love waking up for.

There are 6 pillars of self work in my Joyful Living Method, including Self-Trust.
Without the ability to trust yourself consistently, I find that two things often happen: 

1. Lack of Confidence
People don’t trust their own desires or truth, and are constantly questioning what they want and need, which leaves them spinning their wheels and stuck in a cycle of “never quite ready”.

2. Lack of Capacity
People are clear on what they want and need but don’t trust themselves to speak up or follow through, so they either never get started on what’s important to them, or they quit as soon as it gets uncertain or uncomfortable, which means they never build up the endurance or resilience to keep going with what matters to them.

This class will teach you what you need to know to have your own back and keep going. You will learn the tools to move through fear and help you be clear and confident in moving forward, without having to abandon yourself or your well-being to make it happen. We will go beyond mindset and “fake it ‘til you make it”, showing you how to support yourself into greater self trust in all 3 levels of transformation: your mind, your body, and your energy.

For only $222.

(December 11-22, 2022 take $100 off with code SOLSTICE2022)

Buy now and receive lifetime access. All classes are recorded.

Once you register, you will receive an email receipt and an email with course access details.

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Kate Marolt. I’m a truth seeker, a joy bringer, and transformational coach and guide.

I combine science-based approaches to the mind-body connection with intuition and divine guidance to help people create lives they love waking up for.

I created this class because I see time and time again that so many people limit what’s possible in their lives because when good things do happen, they don’t fully trust it to stick around. Or they have a big dream and desires, but don’t believe they can follow through on them.

This class stemmed from one of my favorite questions to ask my clients and in my own life: “If you fully trusted yourself right now, what would you choose?”

The world needs more people who show up confident, creatively alive, and imagining new possibilities into existence. Think about what might be available if everyone trusted in themselves to create lives filled with joy.

This is why I’ve brought together the things I’ve found, over years of experimentation, to be essential in building a strong foundation of trust in yourself. There’s nothing I love more than seeing someone lit up from within, a sparkle in their eye, because they have their own back and are having a great time creating something amazing.

I am not your guru or an outer authority to follow blindly. I am here to share possibilities, to provide tools and practices, and to ask questions that will open doors and new ways of being for you.

One of my superpowers is to create safe space for exploration and discovery, and I am wholly committed to supporting you along your own path to trust within.

It’s an honor to support you and I can’t wait to see you in class!

What’s it like to learn from Kate?


“There are so many results and changes I can directly relate to my work with Kate, and the biggest change is that I trust myself. I trust that the choices I make are right for me right now. I can recognize when I feel disempowered or out of balance, and can choose how to respond or if I want to make a change. I trust my knowledge and abilities. I trust the timing of my growth. I’m no longer afraid to say no or let people down. I’m learning to DREAM BIGGER. And most of all, I trust my intuition to guide me to my most expressed, true, freest, me-est life.” — Mary C.

“My life is so much better than it is before. I know how to be kinder to myself, the critical and fearful voice inside is no longer my guide, I guide myself. I feel in control of my life at the same time that I don’t need to control it anymore (a big thing I did before that hurt me a lot). The tools and principles Kate’s taught me, I can use across so many applications. I can look at changes I want to make in my life, without being down on who I am now, and I can find the steps I need to create those changes. I don’t need to force myself to make changes- it is more easeful, and I feel more capable making them. When I started working with Kate, I couldn’t imagine the way I would feel and live my everyday life like I do now. I didn’t know it was possible. Now, I can deliciously wonder what else is possible!” — Felicia F.

“Working with Kate I’ve developed a strong sense of self confidence and learned to trust my intuition and gut. I went from having anxiety over trying to think about the future to being able to easily dream and vision about where I want to be.” — Anie C.

Only $222!

(December 11-22, 2022 take $100 off with code SOLSTICE2022)

Buy now and receive lifetime access. All classes are recorded.

Once you register, you will receive an email receipt and an email with course access details.