If you’re here reading this, I’m guessing you are smart, driven, creative, and most likely have some goals or dreams you are working toward or wanting to work toward.

Whether that’s landing a new job, changing the way you feel about your body, a novel you keep meaning to write, going on a world adventure, falling in love… you’re seeking something. Possibly many things at once.

Have you ever wondered what the “right” move is for you? Which goal to focus on? What your strategy is for achieving it?

Or maybe you know what the right move is, but you’re scared, or bracing yourself for disappointment. Maybe you’ve failed in the past, or gotten less than favorable results. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by everything that has to happen and change in order to get what you want. Maybe you’ve experienced lack of follow through in the past, and don’t believe you can really do it this time.

I feel you. There is a lot in play when we give ourselves permission to dream and desire. There’s also a lot that goes into creating great conditions for acting on and receiving what you want.

If you truly want to move forward with your goals, your dreams, your desires– if you truly want to create a life where you feel at home in your body and are welcoming in greater levels of love, trust, health, and fun every day– then this is the question that is required:


Why is NOW the time to choose differently?
Why is NOW the time to say YES to the possibilities?
Why is NOW the time to take action?

This question is great for many reasons, and I am so grateful to the mentors and coaches that I’ve had who have asked me this question.

Here are a couple reasons I love it:

#1: It’s great because it can gauge how strongly you want something and how important it is to you. If you can’t find a “why” for a goal that fires you up and gets you moving, it’s possible you don’t really want it, or that goal doesn’t really belong to you, or there’s something off about it.

#2: It can show you if you have beliefs in place that are actually blocking you from getting what you want. Example: If your answer sounds like, “Now is the time because if I achieve this goal, then I will finally be happy” or “Now is the time because otherwise I’ll never be worthy” or some variation there, guess what? There’s some emotional and energetic work to be done there.

No one goal or set of goals is going to magically change how you feel once you get there, and if you put conditions on your desires in that way (putting off happiness until you are a certain weight or make a certain amount of money, for example), it puts waaaay too much pressure on that goal and can actually make the goal harder to achieve.

#3: When a goal or want or dream is really aligned with your soul and really lights you up, you will be able to hear it and feel it in your why. You’ll feel that fire in your cells and the conviction in your voice. You will KNOW that this matters to you and be able to name why it’s so important, which leads to:

#4: When you know it and name it, your why is your compass. It’s the measure by which you check your thoughts and your actions. If you are feeling uninspired or far away from your goal, you tap back into the way your why makes you feel and it can help you get motivated and moving.
If you want to move forward in ANY area of your life-
If you have a goal or a dream that’s been floating around in your visions-
If you’ve been dabbling and wavering, one foot in and one foot out-

Love, why is NOW the time?

Find the answer that lights a fire in your heart.
Ask yourself “what’s possible?” when you are tapped into what matters to you.

Why is now the time to get connected to your body?
Why is now the time to stop trying to do it all on your own?
Why is now the time to commit to that dream project?
Why is now the time to choose self love?

What is it for you? What is it you are ready to dive into? And why?

You may already know exactly what and why. If you want to chat through the HOW? Let’s have a conversation.

And if you’re not sure what or why, but know it’s time to do something differently? Let’s have a conversation.

If you feel that call to explore what’s possible when you really go for it, really choose YOU- you guessed it- let’s have a conversation!