Welcome to my end of year annual Winter Solstice Sale!

Everything listed here is designed to support you in connecting in with your core Self + Truth, creating space for nourishment and self-trust, and crafting a life rooted in your most Alive and Joyful expression.


December 12 – December 23, 2022

This is a choose your own adventure sale, with everything from self-guided experiences to 1-on-1 coaching and somatic work.

I’m so excited to support you in accessing your Wholeness and building a life that honors your humanity, your energy, and your unique expression.

New Year Magic

Self-Guided Experience

Dissolve + Distill: Alchemy for the New Year

Create space in your mind, body, and spirit to step into the new year with clarity, intention, and ease.

Self-Guided: 4 weeks of self-reflection prompts, ritual work, and embodied practice to guide you through the turning of the year with power and intention, and enter into new possibilities from a grounded, rooted place.

Regular Investment: $125

Use code ALCHEMY for 20% off

1-on-1 Sessions with Kate

During the sale, each booking of a 1-on-1 session includes access to the Threshold: Welcoming Winter workshop as a bonus.
Limited number of 1-on-1 sessions are available due to my schedule and capacity.


ALIVE Somatic Healing + Expansion Session (90 min)

Create space for your whole self to come alive and thrive.

This session is a container in service of your most Alive Self. Through a blend of somatic parts work, intuitive coaching, energy healing, and creative prioritization practice, we look at your current capacity, needs, and desires to create space in your body and life for joy, pleasure, and vitality.

You’ll receive support to help you anchor into nourishment and self-care for the season ahead, and craft visions and systems of focus from an intuitive, embodied place that puts your humanity and uniqueness at the center.

Regular Investment: $289

Use code SOLSTICE2022 for 10% off (10 total available)

75 Minute Human Design Reading

Deep dive into your unique energetic blueprint.

You’ll learn about your specific success strategy for engaging with the world and other people, how you can best make decisions aligned with your truth, and understand your flow with work, pleasure, and communication.

Regular Investment: $275

Use code SOLSTICE2022 for 10% off (10 total available)

👀 Interested in a longer coaching container? I’m currently enrolling for my 3 month Anchor program – and have 3 spaces available at $500 off ($3000 $2500 total, payment plans available).
Click here to book a quick chat to explore if this is right for you!

Self-Study Course

Trust Yourself More
Gain the Confidence + Capacity to do more of what matters to you.

A 4 week experience where you will learn my holistic process for moving through fear, staying true to yourself, and creating more of what you love in your life – without burning out or forgoing your well-being in the process.

Regular Investment: $222

Use code SOLSTICE2022 for $100 off