My Promise To You 

As a coach, a healer, a teacher, a guide, I will never claim to have all the answers. I will never be your guru. I do not dispense wisdom from a pedestal, nor do I always get it right.

I will never try and convince you that you need this work. At the same time, I will stand firmly in the belief that EVERYONE can benefit from this work. Soul healing, body alchemy, creative catalyzing work- this work matters. This work Heals. Enlivens. Uncovers. Creates. Destroys. Reveals. Unleashes. Opens. Expands. And so much more.

When you’re ready, you’re ready. This may never be for you. It may simply not be the time. You may never feel ready. I trust that you will connect with me when it’s time. I promise I will keep sharing with you invitations and creating offerings full of life, full of magic, full of choice, and full of new possibilities.

I will never try and manipulate you. I will never pressure you into buying from me. I will never assume to know you better than you know yourself.

I will take a stand for you. I will see your potential. I will offer you choices. I will love you fiercely.

When I don’t know, I’ll tell you. When I’m experiencing my own roller coasters and uncertainties, I won’t keep you in the dark. When I make mistakes, I won’t hide it- I’ll share it, and do what I can to make it right.

This work is not meant to “fix” anything.

Deep awareness of your body’s wisdom, mastery of your energy and the energy of the world around you, emotional self-care practices- these are all cornerstones of creativity, embodiment, self-expression- of being fully alive.

I promise you there will still be ups and downs. That your “flaws” won’t magically go away. There is no quick fix. I promise you this work requires action. It requires facing what you fear and avoid. It requires a willingness to change everything.

And I promise you I will walk that path beside you. I will be here with you along the way. Should you choose to allow yourself to be supported, I will gladly step into that role. Regardless of your choices, I will show up to this space either way.

I will not offer you experiences that don’t light me up. Nor will I offer you something that I don’t believe will serve you. I will only create offerings, experiences, and possibilities that are exciting to me and that will create more for you.

My secret goal with clients is to work myself out of a job. To give you everything you need to find your truth and understand your way of living it- knowing full well it is already within you.

I promise to be real with you. I promise to be human. I promise that we are in this together, and that together we really can create anything.