This 10-week, intimate depth coaching circle is for creators and visionaries who are ready to rise up and amplify their voice, vision, and creative expression from a deeply rooted place within.

Are you feeling the times we are in calling you?

To anchor more deeply into your body and core Self.

To burn away layers of conditioning and limitations created by those in power and allow yourself to be nourished and experiencing wholeness.

To integrate death, grief, loss, anger, uncertainty into your being as part of what it means to be human and to make peace with the messy parts of being alive.

Do you feel your vision for your life and for the world inviting you into more?

To learn your own pace, rhythms, and unique energy.

To develop deep levels of self-trust as we navigate uncharted waters in the the collective.

To continue to dream, to consciously cultivate joy and beauty, to turn on the tap to your innermost being and truth channel, and to bring your unique gifts and magic and expression out into the world.

Do you feel the call?

To rise up and burn bright, from a deeply rooted place within.
To move and breathe and express and create in a way that only you can.

And to reckon with and navigate everything that comes up along the way with tenderness, care, and nourishing practices.

The Phoenix Circle is your place to rise, and you’re officially invited.

This space is for creators, visionaries, and purpose-driven humans who feel themselves on the precipice of something new (identities, dreams, creations, life transitions) and want to step over the threshold in community and connection from a deeply rooted, nourished place.

In this 3 month container you will:

🦋 Make space to explore your own cycles of death and rebirth, and what you are navigating through right now.

🦋 Integrate and honor grief, death, loss and letting go through ritual and intentional practice.

🦋 Explore your own Phoenix story and superpowers through creative writing, expressive art making practice, and somatic journeying.

🦋 Receive nervous system nourishment and support as you tend your inner fire and strengthen your connection to your vitality and expression.

🦋 Tune into the deep calling and soul thread within you that is asking to come through and be expressed in your life and the world.

🦋 Anchor yourself into your next phase through somatic and energetic practices and rituals so you can move and create from a place of trust, ease, and calm.

🦋 Create an understanding and toolkit for how to nourish yourself and thrive at all stages of the Phoenix Cycle – surrender, death, void, rebirth, new growth, rising, full expression, and integration.

🦋 Be witnessed and supported in a small community of humans on a similar journey.

We come together as the season shifts into autumn, a season of integration, celebration, and gathering to nourish ourselves for the winter ahead.

Through the energy of autumn and winter, a time of honoring what has been, and making space for what will be, we drop into the depths of our inner worlds and draw out the treasures and brilliance within– 

All with wonder, curiosity, and freshness of a new school year.

Are you ready to trust yourself to dream and grow and create again?

Does it feel time to say goodbye to old identities and stories to make room for who you are becoming?

What would it be like to know exactly what you need to take care of yourself as you step forward into unknown territory?

Is it time to channel the courageous fire in your heart into your next vision and creative edge?

The first new shoots of growth after a fire can feel tentative.
Hopeful, yet insecure.
Delicate and uncertain.

In need of tending, deep care, and stewarding.

Maybe you’re in a phase of reckoning with the aftermath.
Maybe your foundations have been rocked and there are decisions to make for how to move forward.
Maybe you’re seeing new life, new dreams, new visions poking their heads out of the debris.

This is a space to honor the ash, tend to the new shoots, and create conditions for flourishing and thriving.

To allow yourself to be where you are, and take intentional, soul-honoring steps in the direction of your wholeness and expression.

To move through whichever phase of the Phoenix Cycle you are in with love and care, and create the conditions within you to meet the moment, thrive, and rise brightly– over, and over again.

We rise 🔥 through nourishment, self-trust, and community care.

We rise 🔥 through being witnessed, leaning on support, making connections, and discovering our place in the web of the collective.

We rise 🔥 through following the sparks from within that lead us to joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, and beauty.

We rise 🔥 through intentional practice, cultivation, and attention on what matters.

We rise 🔥 through creating enough internal safety to surrender to the mystery, the unknown, and to dance with the possibilities of creation.

We rise 🔥 one moment, one breath, one decision at a time.

Session Schedule, Logistics, and Details:

We will come together over 8 sessions for 75-90 minutes each. There are 3 integration weeks throughout our time togetherr so you have plenty of time to experiment, implement, play, and rest along the way. Sessions will be recorded if you are unable to make one and replays will be available.

Calls will take place on Tuesdays at 10am pacific / 1pm eastern during the following weeks:

Session 1: The Phoenix Cycle: Orienting to Life via Spirals and Seasons
Tuesday, October 24th

Session 2: Making Space for Grief and Normalizing the Process of Change
Tuesday, October 31st

**Integration week: November 7th

Session 3: Tending the Roots: Anchoring into Nourishment + Self-Trust
Tuesday, November 14th

Session 4: Clear Channel: Deepening Connection to Your Inner Wisdom + Truth
Tuesday, November 21st

**Integration week: November 28th

Session 5: Cultivate Courage: Turning on and Channeling Your Inner Fire
Tuesday, December 5th

Session 6: Your Phoenix Story: Exploring the Mythology of Your Current Cycle
Tuesday, December 12th

Session 7: Holding Expansion: Building Capacity for Joy + Possibility
Tuesday, December 19th

**Integration week: December 26th

Session 8: Rise Up: Embodying Your Vision in the Season Ahead
Tuesday, January 2nd

Over the course of our time together, we will work with a combination of tools and modalities including expressive art practices, reflection and inquiry work, storytelling, somatic work, nervous system nourishment, intuitive guidance, teaching, and coaching.

Depending on the specific needs of the group, the calls may flow in varying directions, anchored in on the topics above, and centered around what’s required for you and your unique self to feel supported and nourished.

There will be a focus on ritual and connection, engaging with death and letting go in a supportive way, creating trust in ourselves to dream and create again, and intentionally engaging with who we are becoming and what’s required to meet the moment and receive from an anchored, nourished place.

In addition, each session you will receive optional inquiry questions, resources, and practices to engage with between sessions to support your integration and embodiment.

Investment for the Phoenix Circle:

Payment Options:
1 Payment $850 | 2 Payments $425 | 4 Payments $212.50

Payment Options:
1 Payment $1688 | 2 Payments $844 | 4 Payments $422

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is included?

8 small group sessions (75-90 minutes) that will be recorded, a group chat space in Voxer to connect between sessions, alongside optional practices, inquiry, and resources to work with between sessions.


When will the calls be?

Calls will take place on Tuesdays at 10am pacific / 1pm eastern throughout our time together, beginning Tuesday, October 24th and ending Tuesday, January 2nd. There will be 3 integration weeks throughout our time together. See above for the full schedule.


What happens if I can’t make the calls or I can’t be on video?

I totally get that life happens, and you are not required to show up to any call. That being said, the work happens live on calls together, and this is relational work that happens in connection, so you will get the most out of this if you are able to show up most of the time. (And by “show up” I mean with the capacity you have– there are no requirements to be on video or talk, and you are welcome to be in bed, on a walk, eating, or doing whatever you need to do.)


How much time do I need to put in each week?

I would recommend setting aside about 2 hours per week to engage with this work. On the weeks we have calls we will be together for 75-90 min (or have 75-90 min to watch the replay). The rest of the time you will have optional practices and explorations to engage with.


What will we be doing in each session?

We will begin each session by checking in, dropping into our bodies, and opening the space with the themes of the day. You’ll receive an email by the day before each session with details on our themes, activities, and anything you need to know for the session. Sessions will always have an element of teaching and dialogue around a particular topic, and sometimes we will make art, do some writing, or engage with somatic practices to support integration and expression.

As this work is highly relational, much of our time together will be devoted to conversation, being witnessed, and receiving coaching if requested. 


Have more questions or wanna chat about if this is for you?

Awesome! Click here to book a resonance call and we can connect 🙂

Or if you prefer, Click here to send me a voice note on Voxer and we can connect that way.