Ever wish you could set down the perfectionism and striving for awhile? Maybe take off the self-judgement and questioning your worth for a bit and just… be?

I posted this on Facebook today- the journey and permission of being human. Afterward, I also wrote a promise to you, from me about how I run my business, how I show up, and why it matters <3


I am the first to admit when I don’t have the answers.

I used to always try really hard to be right and make sure people knew what I was talking about- even if I actually didn’t.

I was taught to “be an expert” and “only share my story if I had it perfected and teachable”.

Hearing things like:
Don’t tell people when you’re struggling.
Don’t tell them what you’re learning (unless you’ve already figured it out).
Be authentic (but only from a perfectly presentable and practiced place).

Well.. living like that and running business like that is the WORST.

Always having to be “on”.
Projecting a persona.
Trying to fit into someone else’s perspective of “professional” and “expert”.
Keeping myself separate from (above) the people I was helping.

Yeah, that’s more like a recipe for burnout and imposter syndrome. Trust me, I’ve been there.

I’ve ALWAYS been driven by curiosity and wanting to connect with other humans.

When I was a kid, my parents would take me on airplanes and I would seek out new friends (usually really nice older women) to read me books and talk to me about life.

I didn’t care that it was potentially inappropriate, or that I might get rejected. I was way too curious and desiring connection to care if I looked silly.

And I always had a great time! Funny how that works.

I’ve happily (and sometimes terrifyingly) let go of what I’ve been taught about how I’m “supposed” to run a business or “be a professional” in this world.

Curiosity drives me.
What’s present for you? How do you feel? Why? How would you like to feel? What’s happening in your body? Can we create space for more fun and joy?

Connection fills me.
Creating spaces for friendships to evolve. Sharing my journey while it’s happening. Mutual excitement over dreams and goals.

There are things I study extensively because they fascinate me and help me live a better, more fun, more expansive life.

Physical and Energetic Anatomy. Meditation and Breathwork. Coaching and Listening. Intuition. Esoteric Teachings. Yoga and Tantra and Buddhist Philosophies. Storytelling. Boundaries. Self-Care. Soul Contracts. Mythology.

To name a few.

All in service of curiosity, connection, and creating magic in my life and in the lives of others. Especially those who haven’t studied these things. Who don’t necessarily want to sift and sort through the myriad of options out there. Who want something customized for who they are in this moment and who they are in the process of becoming.

I am not an “expert”. I may have more knowledge and experience in certain areas.

And at the end of the day, we are all human.

We all have our good days and our bad days.
We all make magic and make mistakes. I’d even argue the mistakes are also a part of the magic.

What if all that was required in your life was being true to what drives you and what fulfills you?

No persona to put on.
No dimming yourself to make other people more comfortable.
No putting everyone else’s needs before your own.
No trying to prove your worth.

Simply allowing your natural strengths and ways of being to shine and be in the spotlight.

THAT is what being human is all about.

It’s not about perfection.
It’s not about an image to project.
It’s not about achieving worthiness.

Being human is being you.
All of you.
The struggles and fears, the triumphs and delights.

So if, for whatever reason, you have been trying so hard to be a certain way- whether that be a certain body shape or size, a certain breed of polished and poised and professional, a certain type of perfection superhero who never gets fazed or upset- then this is for you.

Permission to be YOU.
Permission to take a break.
Permission to create more.
Permission to smile.
Permission to cry.
Permission to love.
Permission to hide.
Permission to reach out for support.
Permission to be in process.
Permission to be confident.
Permission to have no idea.

Permission to BE.

Whatever drives you, whatever fulfills you, whatever allows you the space to feel expansive and joyful and turned on by your life- that’s absolutely perfect.

You are whole. You are worthy. You are enough.

I love you. Thank you for being here.

You don’t have to be the expert. You don’t have to wear your intellect like armor. You don’t have to be better than everyone else.

All you have to do is breathe and be. That is more than enough.

And if there is something on your mind, something in your heart, some part of you that doesn’t believe this, some part of you that is longing to be expressed and doesn’t have an outlet- send me a PM. I receive all of you.

I love you. Thank you for being on this human journey with me.


As a coach, a healer, a teacher, a guide, I will never claim to have all the answers. I will never be your guru. I do not dispense wisdom from a pedestal, nor do I always get it right.

I will never try and convince you that you need this work. At the same time, I will stand firmly in the belief that EVERYONE can benefit from this work. Soul healing, body alchemy, creative catalyzing work- this work matters. This work Heals. Enlivens. Uncovers. Creates. Destroys. Reveals. Unleashes. Opens. Expands. And so much more.

When you’re ready, you’re ready. This may never be for you. It may simply not be the time. You may never feel ready. I trust that you will connect with me when it’s time. I promise I will keep sharing with you invitations and creating offerings full of life, full of magic, full of choice, and full of new possibilities.

I will never try and manipulate you. I will never pressure you into buying from me. I will never assume to know you better than you know yourself.

I will take a stand for you. I will see your potential. I will offer you choices. I will love you fiercely.

When I don’t know, I’ll tell you. When I’m experiencing my own roller coasters and uncertainties, I won’t keep you in the dark. When I make mistakes, I won’t hide it- I’ll share it, and do what I can to make it right.

This work is not meant to “fix” anything.

Deep awareness of your body’s wisdom, mastery of your energy and the energy of the world around you, emotional self-care practices- these are all cornerstones of creativity, embodiment, self-expression- of being fully alive.

I promise you there will still be ups and downs. That your “flaws” won’t magically go away. There is no quick fix. I promise you this work requires action. It requires facing what you fear and avoid. It requires a willingness to change everything.

And I promise you I will walk that path beside you. I will be here with you along the way. Should you choose to allow yourself to be supported, I will gladly step into that role. Regardless of your choices, I will show up to this space either way.

I will not offer you experiences that don’t light me up. I will only create offerings, experiences, and possibilities that are exciting to me and that will create more for you.

My secret goal with clients is to work myself out of a job. To give you everything you need to find your truth and understand your way of living it- knowing full well it is already within you.

I promise to be real with you. I promise to be human. I promise that we are in this together, and that together we really can create anything.