You’re invited to nourish yourself during this weekend immersion for creatives, space holders, healers, caregivers, and service providers.

During our time together you will receive experiences and resources to fill your cup and gently expand your capacity for ease and joy.

Self-care isn’t selfish. Nor is it cookie cutter.

How you care for and nourish yourself has a ripple effect out to how well you are able to show up in your life, how you feel in your body and day to day experience,  how you relate with other people, and how much space you have to imagine possibilities for the collective.

It is also deeply personal, and requires different tools, awarenesses, capacity, and abilities, depending on who you are and what season of your life you’re in.

You have the ability to not just survive and get by, but to thrive and create and live a deeply pleasurable and joyful life. The Nourish Retreat is one pathway to learn ways to do that.

This retreat is designed to be a space where you can:

Drop in exactly as you are and drop the performance of who you’re supposed to be
Receive support for your mind, body, emotions, energy, and experiences
Fill your cup in multiple different ways and be cared for in the process
Gently expand your capacity for nourishment and pleasure.

You will be invited to Re-Imagine Self-Care, Redefine Success, and Reclaim Your Joy through:

  Exploration and self-inquiry
  Integration and embodiment work, and
  Creative self-expression.

You will also receive practical tools, insights, and ideas tailor made for you to bring home with you as you shift your baseline for living into one of being nourished, joyful, and free.

And perhaps most importantly?
You don’t have to set aside your ambitions and dreams to live this way.

You don’t have to compromise your vision and desires in order to be well cared for, nor do you have to ignore your community or the world in order to create and experience a life you love waking up for.

Nourishment as a foundation creates possibilities for thriving.

It creates space to dream and capacity to build those dreams. It allows you to show up from a place of fullness, and to relate and create sustainably across all relationships and communities.

When you are well nourished and in the practice of tending to yourself, your needs, your body, and your life, there is much more ease and space available to care for projects and creations, your dreams, your clients, and your communities, without getting depleted or burned out.

Who this retreat is for:

Humans with heartfelt dreams, goals, or creative pursuits who would like to find their unique rhythm and way of thriving at all stages of the journey

Caregivers, service providers, healers, business owners — namely, the humans who are more often than not doing the supporting, rather than being supported or receiving care.

Anyone who feels like there is never quite enough time, energy, space, or resources and is ready to gently expand their capacity for creating, for ease, for joy, and for receiving.

Humans who would like to root more deeply into their own ambitions and worthiness, without getting paralyzed by self-doubt, perfectionism, or overwhelm.

Anyone who sometimes gets stuck in dream/vision/planning land and would like to learn simple and reliable ways to ground into sustainable action and experiment with deeply practical manifestation.

What we will be learning:

You will learn and explore the Nourish Yourself Framework, which teaches you how to clearly assess where you are right now in life and what areas may be asking for a little extra attention, care, and action, and then how to start increasing your baseline of Nourishment through small daily actions. High level, that looks like:

Taking it out of the aspirational and into the practical, real-life ways to feel better and have more joy and capacity

Switching up and creating new visions for routines and rituals

Deepening understanding of how you operate and what your energy needs are, and anchoring into true permission to do it your way

How to tend to yourself during the tough times and seasons in life

Practical ways to gently care for and strengthen your foundation, over and over again

Unlearning patterns of productivity and perfection, beginning to divest from harm caused by capitalism and white supremacy

Making peace with your body, your energy, your capacity, and yourself

  Reclaiming your time, energy, worthiness, and creative voice

  Crafting a vision for your life that feels vital and in integrity, and that flows, grows, changes, and adapts with you

Access and activate your seat of power, your voice and vision

  Expand your ability to nourish yourself as a pathway for more ease, more joy, more connection, more flow

  Making plans and choosing an approach to your life that begins with joy, ease, and pleasure

  Getting to a place of being able to regularly ask, “what else is possible beyond what I ever even considered was available to me?”

  Shifting away from a life of moving away from pain and into a life of actively moving toward joy

What you will go home with:


  A repeatable and adaptable framework to support you in prioritizing self-care in a way that actually fuels and nourishes you

 A clear vision for the season ahead and sustainable steps to bring it to life that honor your capacity and current needs

 Simple tools and practices to help you connect with your body, express yourself with more ease, and expand your capacity for ease and joy


 A deeper connection with your inner wisdom, your voice, and your desires

 A greater understanding of the way your nourishment and devotion to your joy creates a ripple effect out into the world

 A physical anchor – your very own art piece that will be a reminder of what’s possible when Nourishment is your Foundation

 Hopefully, new friends! 🙂 (No forced community here though– whatever emerges naturally through connection, I’m here for!)


 A direct line to the voice of your heart– and a better understanding of both what you desire and need, as well as how to get it

 A stronger foundation and relationship with your own power, worthiness, and requirements for nourishment

 More space to trust yourself and to let that trust be your guide each day

 A couple of fun gifts and surprises!

Ready to Join Us? 

The investment for this retreat is $800.

Payment plans are available: 1 payment of $800, 2 payments of $400, 4 payments of $200.

If you’d like a different option, please reach out to The answer is probably yes 🙂

*Note: This does not include meals or lodging.

Participation in the retreat is limited to 10 people.

Bonus #1: Human Design Reading

You will receive a 40 minute foundational human design reading with Kate before arrival so that during our time together you can have a deeper understanding of how your energy works and the best ways for you to make decisions and choices. If you’re familiar with human design already, we can use this reading time to dive deeper into an aspect of your chart that you choose.

Bonus #2: Follow up 1:1 Integration Session

Filling your cup, gathering resources, and gaining clarity in a retreat setting is wonderful, and also the real magic happens when you bring it home with you and are able to apply it for results in your life. This is why you’ll receive a 1:1 follow up session after the retreat to check in, get support, and keep your momentum going.

What will the experience of the retreat be like?

Multiple ways of learning and engaging.

Every retreat I run is a blend of:
   Self-inquiry and Inner Exploration
mbodiment and Experimentation
   Practical Application and Integration

There will be workshops that will include:

Teaching time
Journaling and visioning
Coaching to receive clarity and support
Gentle movement and embodiment practices
Meditation and energy work
Creative expression and intuitive art making

Along with plenty of time on your own to integrate, recharge, and connect with other participants as you desire.

No performance necessary.

You are invited to show up as you are, with what you have in each moment, and there is an utter lack of need to perform or buy in to anything we are up to. While I acknowledge there is often an element of feeling each other out and seeing how others act in the space, you are invited to lead from within on what you have, what you desire, what you require, and there is no one way that needs to look or be.

Do what takes care of you.

Everything is optional, and you are always encouraged to do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself. There are lots of breaks and free time woven throughout each day so that while you may feel full from all the goodness, the idea is that you leave the retreat feeling spacious and recharged, not overwhelmed or depleted.

Sovereignty and personal responsibility.

I trust you as a sovereign human to engage in our space in a way that works for you, and you can expect to be given many opportunities to check in with your inner knowing about what’s right for you throughout our time together. 

A point of clarity: While we may touch on sensitive topics from time to time and there is so much space for tenderness and emotions, this is not a space for lengthy emotional processing or personal storytelling, nor is it a space for processing trauma. Your personal experience is valid, important, and necessary to bring to the table, and we may touch on topics that activate you and bring things up for you. With that, every participant is expected to be able to self-regulate and tend to their needs in the face of discomfort, tension, and uncertainty.

**Note: All retreat participants are required to be vaccinated. We will be following all California state mandates with masks and any and all safety protocols required by the state and the hotel. This is not optional or up for debate.

Schedule Overview:

Wednesday, March 9th

4-7pm: Arrival at the Inn, Settle in, Dinner

7-8:30pm: Opening Circle

Thursday, March 10th

9am-12:30pm: Morning Sessions and Breaks

12:30-2:30pm: Lunch

2:30-6pm: Afternoon Sessions (including gentle movement) and Breaks

6-7:30pm: Dinner

Friday, March 11th

9am-12:30pm: Morning Sessions and Breaks

12:30-2pm: Lunch

2-5:30pm: Afternoon Sessions (including gentle movement) and Breaks

5:30-7pm: Dinner

7-8:30pm: Evening Session

Saturday, March 12th

9am-12pm: Morning Session+ Break and Closing Circle

Optional: Stay on Saturday and hang out by the pool, get a massage, enjoy another night

Where is this retreat being held?

Our experience will take place at the gorgeous Rancho Bernardo inn. Located about 30 minutes from the San Diego International Airport, this boutique inn is the perfect place to settle in, experience luxury and ease, and to receive from the retreat.

Details for booking your room will be sent after you register.

Who am I and how did this retreat come into being?

Hi love, I’m Kate Marolt. Among many things, I work as a transformational coach, embodiment practitioner, yoga teacher, motivational speaker, intuitive artist, human design reader, and depth facilitator.

I’ve been coaching, teaching, and creating experiences since 2011, and my work centers on feeling deeply at home in yourself, fully embracing the human experience, cultivating creative courage and self-expression, and fiercely choosing joy. I love to go deep and explore in the shadows and murky places. I also love to play and find the lightness and possibility in all things. I truly find that the more we root and anchor into the depths, the more space we have to expand and thrive.

I take a stand that each of our unique healing work, desires, and gifts don’t exist in a bubble, and that true thriving embraces the interconnectedness of everything. Who we are, what we experience, and what we create in this world is not separate from the systems and societies we operate in, and what we choose individually is more powerful when considered as part of a whole. I work from a lens that incorporates the individual as part of the community and the collective, and takes into account the myriad of different identities we each hold.

In human design I’m a 3/6 self-projected projector.
In astrology I’m a Leo sun, Aries rising, Virgo moon.
I’m an INFP, my top 5 Strengths are all in Strategic Thinking, and I’m most likely a Ravenclaw.

I’ve also held, co-facilitated, and taught at more than 30 retreats in the past 10 years.

I started developing my Nourish Yourself Framework in 2014 as a way to get out of the aspirational, consumer-driven versions of self-care I was seeing and into the practical, grounded, day-to-day ways of being and tending to our lives that can truly support you in building a life based in joy, spaciousness, and possibility. Self-care for REAL life, if you will.

Versions of this material have been taught as a course, in a small group coaching container, and with private clients. I’m really excited to bring the newest iteration into an experiential, in person experience.

To me you are unerringly whole, powerful, and full of creative magic and possibility.

I firmly stand in the belief and hold the vision that we are here on this planet to be lit up, joyful, delighted, and thriving. Part of my superpowers is seeing and holding space for your big vision and potential, while fully accepting and celebrating where you are right now.

My deep joy and work in the world is helping YOU see how amazing you are, and guiding you to discover simple, practical ways to own who you are, embrace and work with your unique rhythms and cycles, and to help you craft a pathway to realize your vision in a way that feels deeply spacious, authentic, and joyful.

Ready to Join Us? 

The investment for this retreat is $800.

Payment plans are available: 1 payment of $800, 2 payments of $400, 4 payments of $200.

If you’d like a different option, please reach out to The answer is probably yes 🙂

*Note: This does not include meals or lodging.

What it’s like to work with me:

Since I’ve never run this specific retreat before, I don’t have testimonials for it. What I do have are people’s experiences of other retreats I’ve held, as well as the Nourish Yourself course, which was the first iterations of this material.

I cannot emphasize how much of a shift this retreat was for me. Before the retreat I was feeling very anxious with life in general, navigating a LOT of change and feeling lots of worry and inability to make decisions.

Kate held such beautiful space for me to experience several very powerful releases and shifts throughout the weekend. Our morning rituals and ceremonies really made me think about how to make ritual more a part of my life, and I have not had anxiety since being back. I feel clear and motivated. Thank you!

– Kelly Wolfe

I am so unbelievably, out of this world GRATEFUL that I got to experience this. Before we began, I was feeling a lot of shame about where I’m at and that I’ve been screwing things up. A lot of self-doubt and an overwhelming sense of ‘I’m wasting time!’

Afterward, I feel like I am treating myself with much more kindness and patience. During one of the rituals we did I realized how much nasty stuff I’ve been letting run rampant in my head and my heart about me. Writing it down and burning it away was unbelievably cathartic for me, and has brought in my newest mantra: Choose Kindness. It feels amazing to finally be on MY side!

Kate is a deeply powerful healer, and I am so thankful for her work in this world.

– Em Dewey

When I joined this course, I had no idea if it would work. I didn’t know if it would be something for me. I’m so glad I did because if I hadn’t I would have lost something huge. One of the biggest discoveries I made was that taking the time for nourishment doesn’t use up time or energy, it gives it back in equal and greater amounts. Every time I did my nourishment activities, it was like my energy pool grew, not only in that day’s amounts, but my future amounts too.

A month after finishing this course, I still feel the calm, centeredness, and strength I gained from these practices. I also know what to do to feel better. Thank you, Kate. For this course, for your energy, for your awesomeness and your willingness to share!

– Felicia Fredlund

This course is easily worth 5x what I paid for it.

I’ve mostly given up on online courses because I’ve found them difficult to engage with in the past, but Nourish Yourself is completely different. Every module is so full of wisdom and resonates with me in such a deep way that I’ve found it incredibly nourishing and joyful to spend time with the practices over the past few weeks.

And I’m so grateful for some of the shifts I’ve seen during that time – I feel grounded and nurtured in a way that I haven’t in a long time, and I think a huge part of that is due to the level of self-honesty that this course asks for and the way you guided all of us through the process.

It feels as though I’m beginning to find the things that really feed me, rather than glossing over the areas where I don’t feel as nourished or just accepting pop wisdom about what constitutes nourishment (especially physical and relational nourishment, in my case).

– Jill Thompson

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I arrive and depart? How do I get there?

Our opening circle begins at 7pm on Wednesday, March 9th. I recommend arriving to the San Diego Airport by 3:30pm that day so you have time to check in, get settled, and have dinner before we begin.

We will wrap up by 11:30am on Saturday. You are welcome to leave that afternoon or evening, or stay an extra night and enjoy the resort property.

There are options for an airport pickup from the hotel (I can help coordinate if several of you are arriving close to the same time), you can take a Lyft or Uber, or you can rent a car.

Are my room and meals included?

No they are not. For the sake of ease, you will be invited to book your own room once you register for the retreat with the special room rate we have reserved for this retreat. This way you can choose your own adventure- have a roommate, be on your own, book a standard room, book a suite— it’s completely up to you.

For food, There will be coffee, tea, and water available throughout the day in our retreat room. We will also have a snack break each day that is included. There are several options on property for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and if you have access to a car you are also welcome to go offsite for any meals you wish.

How much time do I have on my own while I’m there?

Each day we begin at 9am, so you can have the morning to yourself. There will be a 30 minute break each morning and afternoon, as well as 1.5-2 hours for lunch each day. Thursday evening is completely open (ending at 6pm), and both Wednesday and Friday evening we wrap up by 9pm.

What do you mean by gentle movement / intuitive art making / energy work?

Some of this is a little bit vague on purpose because while I have a plan, things often shift and change as the needs of the people in the room shift and change.

When I talk about gentle movement, I mean movement that is designed to work for every body, often with the intention of feeling more in your body, releasing energy, and creating connection to yourself. I have taught yoga for 11 years, love anatomy and physiology, and really enjoy focusing on simple movements and practices that can remind us who we are.

Intuitive art making does not require any drawing skills or practice in any type of art or craft. It is a practice of tapping into the voice of your soul, and expressing yourself creatively through color, shape, pattern, movement, and joy. We will likely be exploring this through paint, and possibly another medium as well.

Energy work to me is pretty much everything we will be doing, because to me in so many ways everything is energy. Some of our energy practices may include invoking a specific energy or feeling in your body, clearing out sticky energy or things that aren’t supporting you, as well as playing in the realms of imagination and possibility. I will not be performing energy healing on you, and anything we do will come from a perspective of remaining grounded and anchored, firmly in your body and self.

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


What about the virus?

I’ll be the first to admit we have no idea where we will be at come March with the virus. I will be monitoring travel advisories and recommendations for California closely leading up to the retreat. For the ease and peace of mind of everyone, all retreat participants are required to be vaccinated. If California has an indoor mask mandate at the time, we will follow that protocol, and even if it doesn’t, you are welcome to wear a mask, social distance, and do whatever you need to do to feel safe. As well, our retreat room has big doors that open out onto a private lawn, and, weather permitting, I’m planning to keep them open as much as possible so we have lots of airflow in our space. Should we need to postpone the retreat, you will be given the option to wait for new dates or receive a refund.

Still have questions, or want to chat to see if this is a good fit for you? Click here to book a conversation with Kate.