A 4 month deep-dive into the heart of your joy.

What would be different in your life, right now, if you made choices from what would bring you joy rather than what would move you away from pain?

We live in a world that teaches us to look for problems to solve, for weaknesses and what’s wrong, to identify what is painful and to find a solution to fix or manage it all. Almost every person can point to a time they overcame adversity, pushed through a struggle, triumphed through pain, got through the s*** storm. Not many people regularly share about times they purposefully and intentionally pushed the limits of their joy.

We aren’t taught to focus on joy.
We aren’t taught how to increase our capacity to feel alive, vibrant, to allow more and more goodness into our lives.
We are taught so much to focus on the problems and to not complain if things are going okay that many people, women especially, feel guilty or wrong somehow for wanting more, for desiring happiness and fulfillment beyond what they already have.

We all have "set points" for pain tolerance and joy tolerance - in our work, our bodies, our relationships, our creative pursuits, and more. And in general, people have a much higher capacity for pain than they do for joy.

We set goals and create dreams based on moving away from pain - the pain of not being good enough, of taking up too much space, of being invisible, of not being worthy of love, of not belonging, of being too big, of not having enough money, of being lonely - rather than actively and consciously choosing a life based in a foundation of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

And when something good happens? When an experience is joyful, or beautiful, or you feel really alive? Most of us are trained to brace ourselves- to pump the brakes so that it doesn't hurt as much when the pain inevitably comes. To not fully receive it or be present to the experience, because eventually it will be taken away or something bad will happen. You might have some success, but it will come at the expense of something else.

Guess what? It Does. Not. Have. To. Be. This. Way.

  • You can have a thriving body AND enjoy food, movement, and being with people.

  • You can create work that is joyful and fulfilling (and prosperous!), without disconnecting from who you are.

  • You can have soul-nourishing, deeply supportive relationships without depleting yourself and being everything for everyone.

  • You can do all this, and still have time to curl up on the couch with a book (or Netflix!) and your favorite furbaby.

You have the power to create a life and reality where you are oriented toward joy, from a place of deep love for yourself and your body.

There are ways to actively and purposefully increase your capacity for joy, and to learn strategies and tools to deal with pain and tough stuff without selling yourself out in the process.

Why Joyful Body?

Your body holds the keys to your joy.
Joy is a state of being - a felt, lived experience that begins in your cells and resonates out through your physical self, your soul, and beyond.

If there is pain, discomfort, tension, disconnect in your body - we begin there to see what it may have to tell you about your limits for joy and what may be blocking you from expansion in your current life.

Your body holds a vast amount of wisdom. It’s your joy compass. How you feel about your body, talk about your body, talk to your body, and how your body feels and works say a lot about both where you’re at and what’s possible.

Your body will never lead you astray. It simply points the way.

The Joyful Body Immersion

This work taps into the deep levels of truth and wisdom in your heart, your mind, AND your body. The Joyful Body Immersion will support you in accessing the channels to your own truth and wisdom, and help you build a strong foundation of joy - both in how you are being and experiencing the world, and how you are showing up and taking action in the world.

This is a 4 month deep dive into everything required for you to expand your capacity for joy - both in your body and in your life. You will be in a powerful container of support designed to connect you fully with the fire in your heart, clear away what's preventing you from taking action on your joy, and building a plan of action that is in integrity, is fun, and creates more of what you desire in all areas of your life.

All the answers you need are inside of you. The keys lie in both learning to access those answers and trust them to get you where you want to go. When you choose to step into this space and embark on this journey of embodiment, of trust and fierce surrender, of living a full, creative life, you are not alone. I am with you every step of the way.

There is no “one size fits all” with this work. Each immersion is individualized to meet you where you currently are and to guide and support you in where you are heading in this particular phase of your life. I (Kate) will be your vision keeper, your truth guide, your energetic support, and, when needed, your loving kick in the ass so that you can show up joyfully, powerfully, and unapologetically YOU.


Program Details:

  • We begin with a 2 hour Catalyst Session to take inventory of where you are, tap into what’s desiring to come through, and to create your priorities and focus areas for our time together.

  • Each month we meet 3 times. During sessions we will check in on your priorities, work through what’s present on that day, and you will receive 1-3 specific actions or practices to focus on until our next session together.

    • Month 1: Session 1 = Catalyst Session, plus 2x 60 minute sessions

    • Months 2 + 3: 3x 60 minute sessions

    • Month 4: 2x 60 minute sessions, final Catalyst Session

  • We end with an additional 2 hour Catalyst Session to celebrate everything you’ve shifted and created, as well as to set you up for your next phase.

  • Between sessions: You will have access to me via email and voxer (a walkie-talkie and texting app) to ask questions, share what’s coming up, and receive coaching and support between sessions.

  • Ability to attend my yearly in-person client retreat.

  • Access to all additional group programs, classes, workshops, and materials I create during our time together.

There are currently 4 spaces available in the Joyful Body Immersion.

Ready for your next steps?

Investment for the Joyful Body Immersion is $3750. There is also a monthly payment option - 4 payments of $950.

If you know this is for you are you are ready to sign up, you can choose your payment option below to get started.

Once you make your payment, you will be directed to schedule your first Catalyst Session, and will receive a program contract and a welcome email from me with full details for our experience together within 24 hours.

If you would like to have a conversation with me first to ensure this is a good fit, schedule a program consultation below. This is a great way for us to get to know each other better, to get any questions you may have answered, and to chat further about what specifically will be possible for you in this immersion.

If you are interested in one of my year-long programs or aren’t sure which is the best fit for you, schedule a consultation and we can chat about your needs. Year-long programs range in investment from $750-$1250 per month and vary in scope.