A 30-day, private coaching immersion for leaders, visionaries, and fire-hearted humans having a threshold moment – you know there’s no going back to who you were, it’s getting more and more uncomfortable waiting to be ready, and the fire in your heart says it’s time to name and claim what you REALLY want and go all in on creating it now.

You’re a leader and role-model in your corner of the world with an enormous heart and trust in your capabilities.

Your ability to navigate complexity, create absolute magic from thin air (even when you’re backed into a corner), and adapt and change course at the drop of a hat is part of what makes you so incredible – and you know it.

You’ve put a ton of time into healing and growth, and your ambition and drive set you apart.

You know deep down in your bones that your vision and the possibilities you see for yourself and the world MATTER.

And sometimes they seem so massive that you feel overwhelmed or uncertain where to begin.

Or you get started and it feels unsustainable or there’s too much to do. Believe me, I get it. I see you. 

The Vision Catalyst will help you clarify your big picture + long term view AND help you prioritize your work and focus for the season ahead –

So you can set goals and targets with confidence and belief, and know you are moving in the direction of your dreams through focused, efficient day-to-day choices and practices.

There’s a lot of noise out there about how we are meant to experience success–

whether that be a number in the bank account, the way your relationships look, how you feel about your body, the path of your career or work–

and we are often taught to outsource our own inner knowing and desire to fit a certain mold.

Even if you are a bit unconventional, a rebel at heart with dreams and ideas and convictions for new ways of living and thriving, and you’ve done the work to stand in your power and truth…

Sometimes you can find yourself pulled back into patterns you learned in order to survive in this world– particularly when it comes to taking care of others or living up to expectations that have been placed on you.

And perhaps you’re ready to transform– not to become someone else. But to more fully live into and express who you truly are at your core.

🏹 Outside of everyone else’s expectations.
🏹 Fully resourced from Self so you can care, give, and create from a place of wholeness and joy.
🏹 Embodied and congruent in your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
🏹 Powerfully lit up from within.


It’s time to step across that threshold and transform your vision from “that would be nice” into “I’m living it and creating it NOW.”

This is for you if:

You have done the healing and mindset work 100x over.

You’ve got the self-awareness, you’ve been to therapy, you have coping tools, you’re no stranger to setting goals and going after them. You know how to have a positive mindset and focus on gratitude (when it actually serves). You probably have ways of tuning into your body and your emotions and understanding your feelings.

This is not a space for those beginning their self-development journeys. This is a space of integration, expansion, and creation that takes what you already know and hones it into exactly what you need to bring your vision to life.

You have a strong idea of what you want to create in the next season of your life.

This container is best if you know where you’re headed, particularly in a specific area of life (work/business, money, relationships, body, creative projects), and would love to spend 30 days focusing on momentum and creation.

You don’t have to have all the words or have it down perfectly – and things may shift and change as we go – but you will be a lot more successful if you already have a direction or idea in mind.

You’re at the edge of what you know you’re capable of and are excited to explore and expand beyond right here.

You have likely recently entered (or are in the midst of entering) a new cycle, a new era, beyond the edges of what you already know.

You know that where you are going will require you to become a different version of yourself– and that turns you on and lights you up. (It can also freak you out a bit at times – totally normal when you are rewiring your identity and expanding into possibility).

You have dedicated time and energy available to focus on our work together, and have no issues jumping right in and experimenting.

While much gets embodied and created during our 3 sessions together, the real magic and transformation happens in between sessions as you integrate the nervous system healing work and implement the strategies we create together.

A huge part of this work is experimenting, playing, and adjusting as we go – so a willingness to try new things is a must.

You’ll be most successful if you bring your curiosity and have the space to put in time and effort on most days of our 30 days together.

You believe that healing, creation, and expansion are non-linear and your body and energy are key factors in your success.

Listen, I love a plan. I love logic. There are going to be plenty of grounded, practical ways to take action, focus, and strategize here. AND – the alchemy of transformation, the process of creation and expansion, begins in the body and the nervous system. This work is most powerful when you surrender to the process and trust that a lot can be happening beneath the surface – even if it doesn’t make logical sense.

You’ll do great if you believe both strategy AND intuition are important. We love a big energetic opening and expansion, grounded and anchored in integration and focused action around here.

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.” –Rosabeth Moss Kanter

The Vision Catalyst is like holding a match to the kindling of your dreams and desires and setting your heart on fire with the confidence, conviction, and courage to make them happen.


This 30-day immersion is for leaders, visionaries, and fire-hearted humans across industries and walks of life who are ready to go from “I have this vision / dream / idea” to “I’m doing it NOW.”

This is for the highly intelligent, highly capable rebels and dreamers who know they can create anything they want – and are ready to not have to work so damn hard in order to do so. No more burning out, selling out, or feeling like you have to sacrifice everything you love in the name of “making it happen”.

A clear vision may manifest in certain external circumstances– but it lives within you.

When we give ourselves the gift of clarity and claim what we want– even when it’s scary, even when we have no idea how to bring what we want to life, even if it feels enormous and uncertain– it creates space for magic, miracles, and new possibilities to unfold.

It’s time to create from a place of resonance, where your body and nervous system are on board with where you’re going, and you can blend your magic and intuition with smart and focused strategies that center your joy, aliveness, and well-being.


Throughout our work together, Kate made sure to hold both the possibilities and my strengths alongside the tricky parts and fears I had with a strong energy of curiosity and grace. She helped me see not only the theory of what I needed to know, but how to apply the internal work into an external focus, and how to do so with joy, curiosity, and care.

I would recommend working with Kate pretty much at any time – if you want to know more about how you work and how to create in ways that honor all of you, if you feel stuck or you need something to click into place before you can take the next step, if you’re already thriving and would love a boost of energy and support.

She’s the real deal and will hold and navigate your heart, your dreams, your fears with all the love and skill needed to pull out your next steps and real world application.

– Maddy S.


Kate will always invite you to explore new possibilities, and she pushed and challenged me to try things in new and different ways in a way that felt supportive and caring.

After our work together I have such a strong sense of my why and my purpose, and went from having anxiety over trying to think about the future to being able to to easily dream and vision about where I want to be.

Not only that, I have the confidence to experiment and try things in ways I never did before, and see major differences in my life as a result of having the capacity and confidence to take action with purpose.

Kate’s method of always coming from listening to your body, your nervous system, and intuition has really changed how I approach things, and I have such a high level of trust in myself and my ability to make things happen.”

– Anie C.

Here's how we do it:

You + Me for 30 days. 3 sessions.
Strategic and Embodied implementation + creation. M-F Voxer Support.

Each session is 75 minutes, and will include a blend of intuitive coaching, somatic and nervous system healing, human design exploration, and strategy creation.

After each session you will receive specific actions and integrations to focus on and support you in creating and building momentum, with checkpoints along the way to celebrate.

Session 1: Anchor + Aim

In this session we anchor into your Core Self and discover the heart of your vision, how it’s being called to life in this current season, and identify any gaps in self-belief, habits and practices, and current capacities.

We will attune your nervous system to your vision and somatically expand into new possibilities, and then ground into the most effective steps and practices that will help to close those gaps and move you in the direction of your vision efficiently.

Session 2: Align + Activate

In this session we take what we learned from your experiment so far and hone in more sharply on your best strategies for alignment and focus, so you know exactly what to do to move you forward most effectively.

We will also deep dive into your human design leadership and creativity energetics to understand your unique way of creating, decision making, and moving through the world so you know exactly how to operate in a way that is nourishing, joyful, and efficient for you.

Session 3: Alchemize + Amplify

In this session we will craft your vision statement and prioritize for the weeks, months, and seasons ahead so you can stay clear and connected and return to what matters most at any given point.

We will commune with your vision and amplify your nervous system capacity to navigate your edges and stay the course, regardless of what shows up in your life.

What You’ll Walk Away With:

✅  A clear and grounded vision statement that helps hone and focus your priorities – something to anchor back into when confusion or overwhelm creep in so you can easily reconnect back to clarity and your next step.

✅  Know how to apply the most important parts of your Human Design energetics to your life and work so you can build and create in a way that flows and nourishes you along the way (no burnout or selling out your soul required).

✅  An expansion in your nervous system capacity for self-trust and self-belief – so you can spend less time spinning your wheels or worrying you’re doing it wrong, and more time on the strategic actions and decisions that will bring your vision to life

✅  A bone deep feeling of “I’m capable of seeing this through” that will make action, creation, and forward momentum seem easy, even in those times when it’s not.

✅  You’ll be able to clearly see and hold the big picture of your vision and dreams AND know what priorities you hold for the season ahead- so as you laser in on the day-to-day actions, decisions, and practices that will bring you what you want, you’ll never lose sight of what you’re doing it all for, and each small choice will be in service of the long term vision.

Who I am:

Some call me a fire-starter, a vision keeper, a cheerleader, a soul whisperer.

I’m an embodiment coach by trade (12 years and counting) and I bring my unique blend of intuitive coaching, somatic healing practices, integrative parts work, and strategic processes to the table alongside my understanding of your specific energy and needs via Human Design to give you truly customized support and care. 

I will show up fully with my capacity to hold a big space for ALL of you– your fears and your doubts, your feelings and your failures, your hopes and your dreams, your passions and power.

I bring my myriad of trainings and years of experience to not just bring your innermost dreams and desires out from the depths of your soul, but to support you in the self-development, capacity expansion, and courageous creativity required to actualize your vision into reality so you can go from “Can I really do that” to “OMG I’m LIVING it”.


Basically nothing is the same since I began working with Kate! She was the catalyst that I needed, when I needed it, that allowed me to break free of all the real and imagined chains holding me down.

She helped me acknowledge and develop my own superpowers, helped me find center and power within myself, and really supported me in becoming comfortable with who I am when I’m not trying to be what everyone else wants me to be.

Kate has an intuition that is incredibly keen. She knows when I need to be enveloped and held, and she knows when I need to be lovingly shaken out of my own bullshit spirals. I feel truly seen and supported in who I am and what I’m creating with her, knowing her support, questions, resources, and advice are truly tailor-made for me.

– Christine G.


Working with Kate has fast tracked my development as a joyful, expressed, fulfilled human – and it only gains momentum as I settle more deeply into my body and nervous system.

Kate is consistent and dependable in her support – her steadiness in her techniques, questions, and coaching style helps me feel safe to continue to show up, and yet she isn’t rigid or dogmatic. She flows with my ideas, my pace, my choices, and is the biggest, brightest example of compassion, non-judgement, and and acceptance in my life.

With Kate’s help, I transformed my outwardly successful (but inwardly draining) business into a sustainable container to fuel my passion project. I felt confident to go all in even though I didn’t know how to do it – it was completely new to me to dive in from a place of trust and intuition within myself and it WORKED!

I trust my instincts deeply. I trust the choices I make are right for me. I trust the timing of my growth. I’m no longer afraid to say no, to let people down, to fully feel my emotions. I’m nicer to myself and the people around me. I’m learning to DREAM BIGGER. And it feels real, true, like this is only the beginning.

– Mary C.

The Vision Catalyst is a space that welcomes your wildness, your weirdness, your messiness, your bigness.

That encourages you to explore your edges, dream fully, and expand into possibilities beyond where you’ve been before.

That allows you to set down your hyper-independence and be fully seen and supported in your wholeness.

I think we can be highly creative and focused, driven and ambitious, as well as needing and deserving care, support, and a place to be held in our feelings and vulnerabilities.

Strong and capable humans deserve a soft space to land and be fiercely, tenderly held– particularly as they move forward into the next layer of creating and becoming. This is exactly that space for you. 

A few more details:

What's included?

✅ 3x 75 minute 1:1 sessions (see full descriptions above)

✅ Specific actions, practices, and integrations to implement between each session

✅ M-F Voxer access for integration, strategic implementation, and energetic support

✅ Customized library of practices + resources for you

✅ Somatic Strategy Map for what to focus on beyond our 30 days together

What's required?

  • Some sort of idea of what you would like to focus on during our 30 days together (this does not have to be specific– your welcome questionnaire and part of our first session will help you hone in and clarify your core vision and focus for the next season)
  • Time and capacity to experiment, work with the integration practices you receive, and implement the strategies and actions we lay out together
  • A willingness to dive straight in and hit the ground running!
How does it work?

Once you register, you’ll receive welcome and informational emails within 48 hours that contain:

  • A calendar link to schedule your first session
  • A contract for you to sign (to be returned asap after registration)
  • An intake questionnaire (to be returned 48 hours before first session)
  • How to connect via Voxer (access will begin after our first session)
  • Access to your private client portal (where session recordings and resources will live)


Our 30 days together begins the day you have your first session. Everything before that is pre-work to get us prepped and ready to go!

After your first session, we will be in contact via Voxer. You’ll schedule your second session 10-14 days after the first, and your third session 10-14 days after that. Each period of time in between sessions you will have specific practices, actions, and integrations to focus on and implement with my support. On your 30th day, we will have a final Voxer debrief and create a strategy map and focus points for you to have as you move forward.

Resources will be added to your portal as needed, based on your trajectory and focus, and what is coming up to be healed or created during our time together.

What are the payment options?

The investment for The Vision Catalyst is $1250.

There are currently 1-pay, 2-pay, and 3-pay options available via credit card or PayPal, or up to 12-pay with Afterpay or Klarna.

Once you register, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours with next steps including an intake form, calendar link to schedule your first session, and more.

Current Investment for The Vision Catalyst: $1250

Payment plans available.
When you sign up, you will be able to pick your 30 days to begin anytime in 2024.