Hi! I am SO excited you are here reading this right now, because that means you are ready to (or at least curious about) deepen your relationship with your body and create a powerful partnership with it in your life. And that is freaking rad.

Our bodies are so full of wisdom, and as you play with setting a foundation of love between you and your body, it can open up so many possibilities for inspiration, understanding, energy, and more.

To access the materials in your Retreat Kit, the following link will take you to a Dropbox folder with everything you need:

Fall in Love with Your Body Home Retreat Kit Access + Download

I recommend downloading this folder to your desktop or saving it to your Dropbox. Videos and audios will only stream the first 15 minutes unless you have done one of these things- then they will play the whole way through.

To begin, open up the Fall in Love with Your Body Retreat Kit Materials + Guidebook PDF.

This document contains everything you need to know to have your retreat, including a letter from me, materials needed, step by step instructions, and all the written content.


I highly recommend blocking out time on your calendar now to participate in this retreat experience. You will need 2.5-3 hours.

It can be so easy to download or buy into things that we have every intention of using or getting to, and I know that if you're anything like me, if I don't schedule it and commit to it, it can be really easy to let other things get prioritized and for the things I really want to do to end up on the back burner.

So take a minute and schedule your retreat!

Once that's done, you're set. The only other thing you might want to do pre-retreat is take a peek at the materials needed so you can be fully prepared when the time comes. It's a fairly simple set up, and I would love for you to have everything you need so that all you have to think about is what's in front of you and what's next during your retreat experience.


Let me know if you have any questions! You’ll be receiving all of this information via email within 24 hours as well, and I'll be checking in in about a week via email to see how everything is going. In the meantime, enjoy!

Lots of love,


Fall in Love with Your Body Home Retreat Kit Includes:

  • Retreat Guidebook

  • 2 Rituals

  • 3 Soul Connection Activities

  • 1 Sacred Body Movement Video

  • 1 Body Love Activation Audio

Approximate Run Time: 2.5 - 3 hours