Happy 8/8! I've been going through and organizing a bunch of old content, courses, and workshops I've created over the years, and felt inspired to bring back the super popular Fall in Love with Your Body Home Retreat Kit.

This Virtual Retreat experience can be done at any time, and really centers around creating a foundation of love for your body and yourself. The retreat includes self-inquiry practices, a yoga-like movement practice, a meditation audio, and more.

As it states in the Welcome Guide for the retreat, "I created this retreat kit because I firmly believe that every woman deserves to fall in love with her body and have a great relationship with herself. I also DON'T believe love is the goal or the end destination. Rather, I believe that when we can make love the COMING FROM pace, the foundations on .which we build our relationships and lives, THAT is when we can open into confidence, deep self-care, endless energy, and magical possibilities."

This hasn't been updated since early 2016, and will likely be receiving a revamp (along with a few other goods!) in the coming months. But between now (8/8) and my birthday (8/13), I'm bringing it back and it's all yours for $8. Yep, eight.

If you'd like a short (2.5-3 hours) but powerful experience to drop you into your body and help you discover your next priorities when it comes to self-love, this retreat kit is for you!


Fall in Love with Your Body Home Retreat Kit Includes:

  • Retreat Guidebook

  • 2 Rituals

  • 3 Soul Connection Activities

  • 1 Sacred Body Movement Video

  • 1 Body Love Activation Audio

Approximate Run Time: 2.5 - 3 hours


Once you buy, you will be taken to a new page with a link to download the whole retreat kit. Within 24 hours you will also receive an email with the same information. Easy peasy!