Quit Comparing, Quit Waiting, and Start Living for YOU.

Hi, I’m Kate. I work with strong, smart women to step fiercely into their sovereignty and live deeply joyful, creative lives.

Here’s what I know to be true: We all have a unique blueprint for living that maps out what makes our souls feel the most alive and fulfilled.

In a world that glorifies busy and hustle, that tells us we need to constantly be fixing, improving, and healing ourselves, it can be easy to fall into patterns of grinding, relationships and situations filled with drama and chaos, and to always be striving for the next best thing. It can become so routine that it doesn’t seem like there is any other way.

Creative pursuits and passions fall to the back burner.
Taking care of your body becomes a thing to avoid or a thing to obsess over.
There’s a growing disconnect between who you know you’re meant to be, the activities that bring you joy, and the reality of your day to day.
You work so hard to stay on top of it all and be in control, but in all honesty it feels like your time, energy, and space aren’t actually your own.

It’s time to make some different choices and reconnect to your joy.

When you choose to relentlessly advocate for your aliveness and fulfillment you to choose:

The way you feel in your body.
The magic of being in a “flow state”.
The ability to speak up and use your voice.
Knowing what you need and taking fierce care of yourself.
Walking away from people and situations that drain you.
Stepping into possibilities that light up your whole being.
Big-ass boundaries.
Trusting yourself beyond what you’ve ever known before.
Making decisions from a place of confidence and self-love.
No more waiting on what you long for.

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Are you done waiting?

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