The Fireheart Session❤️‍🔥 

A one-time, 90 minute somatic coaching session + 1 week of integration support for the dreamers, the rebels, the visionaries, the ambitious humans – to ignite the fire within and channel your energy into life, work, and relationships that light you the fuck up.


✅ You have already done so much inner work – you know who you are. 🔥

✅ You’ve been in the trenches, creating success and experimenting with all the ways you want to bring your vision into the world. 🦋

✅ You’re fiercely dedicated to seeking possibilities and living life on fire with purpose and joy – no matter how hard it gets or how much you question it sometimes. 

✅ You know what makes you feel alive and want more of it ⚡️ (even if it feels far away right now).

You may find yourself at a threshold right now, a liminal moment where you see the path forward and your next era of expansion, creativity, and joy – and you recognize it’s going to require a new level of self-trust, devotion, and courage to see it through.

And if you don’t see the path forward, or feel blocked from the possibilities? We’ll get straight to the core of what’s going on in this session and find your fire again.


What I know to be true after guiding hundreds of clients over 12 years in business is that it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, how much healing you’ve done, or how many times you’ve fallen down and gotten back up ➡️ ➡️ ➡️

Each new dream, each new project, each new desire will have its own set of surprises, struggles, shifts, and unexpected circumstances – and it is so much easier to navigate it all with support and a clear line to your truth and power.


Choosing to be fully awake in this life requires courage.

It requires making the choice each day to move through the fears and uncertainties, to navigate hurdles, and to keep opening and feeling and being curious – even when so much of the world is trying its best to shut you down and close you off.

The Fireheart Session is here to support you in fully accessing your aliveness and guiding you to create your unique success path forward – to help you:

🌿 Dial down the noise of outside voices, stories, and unhelpful patterns
🌀 Expand access to your core Self and inner wisdom
🌟 Receive clarity on what you truly want and what’s required to create it
🔮 Focus on an approach rooted in joy, nourishment, and pleasure
🔥 Courageously claim your path forward and begin your first steps to get there


This is for you whether you feel on fire and full of life already and are looking for an extra boost in capacity and focus, or you feel uncertain and a bit far away from your power and purpose right now.

Together we can get straight to the heart of your most joyful Self – and catalyze your inner fire into more of what makes life worth living.



What you receive:

✅ 90 minute 1:1 Fireheart Coaching Session
✅ 7 days of follow up integration and support via Telegram
✅ Post-support 30-day Somatic Strategy Map

How it works:

1. Begin by booking your 90 minute session below.

2. You’ll receive a confirmation email with the zoom link for our session from acuity scheduling.

3. Within 24 hours, you will receive a session questionnaire from me to fill out before we meet so we can dive right in and use all of our time well.

4. At the end of our session, we will choose 2-3 priorities for you to move forward with and integrate from our time together.

5. We will then connect on Telegram (voice + text app) and check in every day for the next 7 business days (M-F), so you have the support you need to truly embody the transformations and take action on your priorities.

6. On our last day together, you will receive a 30 day Somatic Strategy map to support you in the month after we close out to further the moves you want to make and strengthen your connection to your inner fire and capacity to create.


This session may also serve as an initial program consultation for a longer term coaching container with Kate. Experiencing this work firsthand is a great way to determine if a coaching container is right for you in this season of life. Should we both agree that continued support would be a fit for you, the investment for your session can be applied to any coaching program you enter into.