A 3-week, self-guided reflection and creation experience for high-performing humans seeking to transition into 2024 with clarity, intention, and ease.

Create space in your mind, body, and spirit to move forward in an embodied, grounded way.

There’s a lot of hype that starts showing up around this time every year– hype to make the next year your best year ever, your biggest year ever, to be a new version of yourself. The hype and intensity aren’t really my thing, and a lot of it has more to do with consumerism and capitalism than it does with truly tapping into your most alive self.

At the same time, while I believe we can change and transform at any moment and don’t need to wait for a new year to make it happen, I also believe in the power of this time of year to create possibilities for what’s next in your life.

There is potency available during this first month of winter, that happens to coincide with the turn of the year. With intentionality, spaciousness, and simple + powerful practices, you can alchemize the past into support and nourishment for the future.

Alchemy is the act of transmutation– of turning base materials into finer substances.

This experience will give you tools and practices for your mind, body, and spirit to intentionally distill and transform reflections, lessons, insights, and desires from 2023 into possibilities and priorities for 2024.

I believe in slow magic, slow growth– the kind that is grounded in the body and the earth. 

When most places ask you for faster, bigger, harder, more, I invite you into deliberate, slow, rooted, connected. This slow paced, intentional container both allows you to fit this work into your schedule and life, and gives each week’s practices and insights time to settle into your cells and create lasting change.

When you make the time and space to slow down, to drop into your body, and begin to create your vision from the inside out, you can drop the pressure to figure it out and make it happen.

You can build a solid foundation in your body, energy, and mind that allows you to take action, stay clear and focused, and actually enjoy yourself along the way to having everything you truly want in the year and seasons ahead.

In the spirit of spaciousness, deep respect for liminal space, and the magic that comes from being present in your body and life, I present to you:

Dissolve + Distill: Alchemy for the New Year

4 phases of self-reflection prompts, ritual work, and embodied practice to guide you through the turning of the year with power and intention.

December 21, 2023 (Winter Solstice) – January 11, 2024 (New Moon)

Investment for Dissolve + Distill: $88

BONUS: When you sign up for Dissolve + Distill, you will receive a free ticket to my New Moon Workshop: Visioning in the Void on January 11, 2024 ($47 value)

Weekly Themes:

Phase 1: Reflect

We begin by reflecting on the year past, acknowledging what has transpired, and taking stock of everything you’ve learned, felt, and experienced. It’s a time of gathering all the materials together to begin our alchemical process.

This first phase allows us to pay attention to what has been, from the celebrations and joys to the frustrations and grief, so we can honor the passage of time, the growth we’ve experienced, and the important parts we want to take with us.

Phase 3: Root

As the wheel of the year turns, we root into the here and now. Who are you today? What do you know to be true? What’s present in your life and your heart at this moment?

You’ll have some space to explore and deepen into the present and connect to yourself now. We begin the distillation process by exploring what IS, and deepening our roots and focusing and anchoring into what’s important for now and the year ahead.

Phase 2: Release

In phase 2 we move into a liminal space, and allow ourselves to shed the old skins of the year past. During this time we choose what it’s time to let go of- what are you releasing from your world, your body, your life and leaving behind in 2023?

This is a process of death, saying goodbye, transmuting, and creating space in a grounded, intentional way. It’s the dissolving of what has been in order to forge something new.

Phase 4: Receive

Finally, we open into the dream space. What would you love to receive as you move forward? How would you like to feel in your body? What choices and desires are in service of your most alive self?

Distilling invites potency– only the essence remains. Rather than making concrete plans or goals, you will get to expand into possibility, ask questions, and step into the energy of receiving in the year to come.

 How it Works:

This is a self-guided experience to be done on your own time and designed to fit into your life and capacity. 

When you register, you’ll receive a thank you confirmation email. There will be nothing else to do until we begin.

Beginning on the winter solstice (Thursday, December 21st), you’ll receive an email with access to the program material, along with an overview of optional ways to move through this process and an invitation into the first phase.

Every 5 days you’ll receive another email inviting you into the subsequent phases, allowing you to move through all 4 phases by the first new moon of the year. You are welcome to move through the phases on this timeline, or find your own way through it.

Each alchemical phase includes the following:

  • Short transmission on the energy theme of the week (in PDF + audio format)
  • Meditation to drop you into your body and energy (5-10 min)
  • Journal prompts to explore and gather insights
  • Gentle movement and rest practice to nourish your system and alchemize and transform on a cellular level (15-20 min)

You’ll want to set aside somewhere between 1 – 2 hours for each phase to move through the practices and ritual. That time can all be done at once, or spread out across multiple days.

Investment for Dissolve + Distill: $88

BONUS: When you sign up for Dissolve + Distill, you will receive a free ticket to my New Moon Workshop: Visioning in the Void on January 11, 2024 ($47 value)

 Hi I’m Kate Marolt – and among many roles I embody, I am a transformational coach, somatics practitioner and yoga teacher, and an avid student of living a meaningful life. I’ve been at this for 12 years, and my work in the world is centered around creating spaces and containers where your whole self is welcome and invited to play in the messy complexity and gorgeous wonder of what it means to be human.

I believe we are here to experience joy and pleasure and aliveness, and I find creative expression and embodied practice to be potent ways to tap into those states of being.

I’ve been practicing a version of walking the wheel of the year that blends traditions from my ancestors in Western Europe as part of my spiritual practice for almost a decade, and have experienced so much richness that can be found in honoring the seasons and living in a more cyclical way.

When we tend to our bodies and spirits, give ourselves permission to be where we are, and prioritize intentionality and presence, it creates enormous potential to actualize and live richly and joyfully.