You’re invited to Deepen, a 7-week embodiment experience to help you cultivate more joy and build your capacity to keep going and showing up – for yourself, your work, your relationships, and the world.

There is so much uncertainty in the world right now, but here’s what I do know:


  • Your body holds tremendous wisdom for you and can support you in coming back to joy and peace, even during tough times.


  • It is essential to acknowledge just how much stress and change and strain you and the world have been through this year. When we take the time to honor and release what has been and give ourselves permission to be present with what is, it creates a lot more space to dream about what will be from a grounded, steady place.
  • Having time and space to feel your feelings in a supportive container is a game changer.


  • Taking the time to tend your heart, slow your pace, and deepen into self-trust pays off in all areas of your life.


  • The stronger you feel in your foundations, the easier it is to take care of yourself and show up for the world.

How do we access and experience these things?

Through guided embodiment practices, focused inquiry questions, and space to be present with yourself and tune in to your inner wisdom, you will experience a deeper connection with your body, your heart, your truth.

 You will receive practices and space to cut through the noise and doubt and overwhelm and instead focus on building self-trust, courage, resilience, and joy.

You will reconnect with your own energy and rhythm, acknowledge the capacity you have, and cultivate so much permission to take care of yourself as you continue to move through the world, make space to dream, and make choices from what’s most in alignment for you.

Deepen is here for you to:

  • Cultivate your capacity for presence and connection with your body so you can make decisions from a place of steadiness and deep trust in yourself.
  • Receive permission to feel what you feel and choose what you choose, and to clear away barriers to giving yourself permission for what you need.
  • Fill up your inner resources and call back your power so you can show up with clarity, ease, and conviction.
  • Create a sustainable practice in alignment with YOUR unique needs that will support you in regularly connecting with your body, slowing down, and accessing the wisdom within you so you can k
  • Root into your own core and truth and develop a path back to your inner truth and peace, regardless of what shows up in your life.

This experience is for humans who desire to stay steady in a world out of balance and who, despite everything, still hope and dream and desire to focus on cultivating joy in their lives and seeking possibilities for moving forward.

We begin on Monday, November 30th and gather through Monday, January 11th.



How it works:

Over 7 weeks, we will meet on Zoom for weekly live virtual sessions. In each session you will receive an embodiment practice that includes gentle movement, meditation and visualization, breathing, energy clearing, self-inquiry questions, and discussion and sharing time.

There will be 90 minute sessions in week 1, 4, and 7, and 30 minute sessions in weeks 2, 3, 5, and 6, so your schedule isn’t bogged down, but you have a touch point and time in your schedule each week to connect and go within.


3 of these sessions will be 90-minute workshop-style experiences designed to give you space and guidance to go within, honor your current experience, move energy, and strengthen your foundations. Each 90 minute experience will include a teaching and energy transmission from Kate, an embodiment practice (gentle movement), meditation, reflection, and connection. Imagine each session as a mini-retreat for your mind, body, heart, and soul. See below for more details on each session.

There will be an optional Facebook group to connect between sessions, share your experiences, and ask questions.

4 of these sessions will be shorter, 30 minute experiences that will be a combination of a gentle movement practice and meditation, focused on cultivating and embodying a specific energetic state of being (example: courage). There will also be a few minutes at the end of each of these sessions for questions, discussion, and connection time.

All sessions will be recorded, and the shorter sessions in particular will be designed so that you can return to them at any time to drop in, reconnect, and deepen into yourself.

    90 minute Virtual Deepen Retreat Sessions:


    With the energy of the full moon eclipse on the 30th, we will begin our time together exploring our roots, strengthening our foundations, illuminating what’s been hidden, honoring where we are, and deepening into trust.


    On the 21st we will continue our journey in celebration of the solstice, bringing light and connection to the longest night of the year. We will spend our time together exploring our internal structures, resetting and reorienting old conditioning and patterns, creating fluidity and flexibility as we cultivate resilience.


    We will close our time together with the energy of the new moon on the 11th, diving into the longings of our hearts, creating space to receive more, and expanding from our roots as we deepen and express with courage.


    The investment for Deepen is $222, or 2-payments of $111.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What if I can’t be on live for the classes?

      That’s okay! Every call will be recorded and uploaded into a private member’s area, along with any additional resources from the classes. All class recordings and materials will be available to you at any time.


      What are the dates and times of the classes?

      Monday, November 30th | 4-5:30pm pacific / 7-8:30pm eastern
      Monday, December 7th | 12-12:30pm pacific / 3-3:30pm eastern
      Monday, December 14th | 12-12:30pm pacific / 3-3:30pm eastern
      Monday, December 21st | 4-5:30pm pacific / 7-8:30pm eastern
      Monday, December 28th | 12-12:30pm pacific / 3-3:30pm eastern
      Monday, January 4th | 12-12:30pm pacific / 3-3:30pm eastern
      Monday, January 11th | 4-5:30pm pacific / 7-8:30pm eastern


      How much time will this take?

      Deepen is designed to be contained to the timing of the live experiences. 3 weeks will be 90 minutes, 4 weeks will be 30 minutes. To get the most out of this experience, you’ll want to either attend live or set aside time during that week to take part in the session. You’ll have the option to work with an exploration topic or question on your own time each week, but there is no amount of time required for that. You will also have access to the recordings beyond our time together.

      How intense is the movement?

      Gentle. You will be guided at a pace that encourages you to work with your own body and capacity at the time. Cues will be given for various options, and everything can be done seated if that is better for you.


      Have another question? Please email kate [at] katemarolt [dot] com.

      Header Photo: Rui Silva sj | All photos of Kate: The Boudoir Divas