Session Begins March 15th.

What would it be like to move through the world feeling whole, safe, and free?

To feel deeply at home in your body, rooted in your own worth and power, fully trusting in yourself, your dreams, and your desires?

Your body holds the keys to your healing, growth, and transformation.

When you cultivate your inner world and build bridges of power and connection between your mind, body, soul, and actions, you create space for your entire self to thrive, create, dream, and live in joy.

You’re invited to Cultivate, a 7-week embodiment program where you will learn to release perfection + proving, deepen into self-trust, and create a relationship with your body that is rooted in nourishment + respect.

It’s a journey to unravel the places you brace and protect, to awaken your creative power and voice, to embody a state of being capable of holding and creating your deepest dreams and desires.

True healing and transformation lives in our bodies. How you relate with yourself, how you tend to your needs and care for your physical form have ripple effects within and without.

So often when we set out to make changes, to go after a dream, to do things differently, we forget to take our bodies with us. We (as a society) have learned to leave off the body when it comes to making plans, or to only make decisions from a head space rather than an embodied space.

This can lead to disconnection, overwhelm, burnout, avoiding feelings, and so much more. Some of the most powerful work we can do as creators, as dreamers, as visionaries and life adventurers, is to repair the connection between our minds and our bodies.

So much of what’s happening in the world stems from disembodiment- from generations of cutting off our heads from our hearts and bodies, of separating the parts that make up who we are.

We forget that we are inherently whole.

And if the past year has shown me anything, it’s that we all need space and guidance to learn to be with ourselves in deeper ways, to be able to care for ourselves in any experience, emotional state, monotony, or new development.

Cultivating your connection to yourself through your body and breath helps you build trust and confidence to show up and move through the world in a way that honors your whole self.

Learning to give deep love and care to the places you’ve been called too much, not enough, too needy, too emotional, too sensitive, too fast, too slow… helps you learn that you are worthy and whole and all parts of you belong.

Repairing the places within where your needs have been denied and building foundations rooted in self-loyalty helps to prepare you and your whole being for resilience, trust, hope, and possibility.

When we make the space to be with our bodies, to acknowledge, experience, and process what lives within us, it creates so much possibility and power to make choices and decisions that benefit you in your life and creations as well as your community and the collective.

When you come home to your body you call back your authority, facing and re-orienting and reclaiming all the places you’ve learned to outsource your inner knowing, your vitality, your pleasure, your creativity.

You get to create a relationship with yourself that is nourishing, sacred, and deeply healing.

In this program you will create an embodiment practice rooted in self-belonging and self-care, and build a strong foundation for you to feel, express, dream, and create from a place of wholeness.

As you deepen into trust and co-creation with your body, you can let go of perfection, striving, proving, exhausting, and give yourself permission to enjoy YOU as you are and create more of what matters and lights you up every single day.

Your Whole Self Is Welcome Here

You are fully invited to come to this work exactly as you are, right now, with the energy and capacity that you have. It’s okay if you’re depleted. It’s okay if you’re grieving. It’s okay if you’re not sure you really have the time or energy, or you’re worried this may be exhausting. Whatever you have, it’s welcome in this space. We will start right where you are, and you will always have choice and agency for what you need and what’s best for you in each moment.

Embodiment is not a destination, it’s a practice. It’s a continual tending of your relationship with your body, yourself, and your energy. It can be so slow and so gentle. It can also be fiery and passionate, or sweet and loving, and so much in between. What you have and where you are in any given moment is good enough and a perfect entry point into this work.

The Flow of Cultivate:

Week 1: Cultivating Presence
Embodying awareness, creating space to be with your body, learning to pay attention to the signals and messages

Week 2: Cultivating Permission
Embodying wholeness, accepting the messiness of being human, full spectrum feeling and experiencing, releasing perfection

Week 3: Cultivating Pleasure
Embodying depth, experiencing delight in your body, repairing and reconnecting to your deep pleasure and joy

Week 4: Cultivating Power
Embodying truth, building boundaries that support, freeing and strengthening your voice and inner wisdom

Week 5: Cultivating Peace
Embodying faith, deepening trust in yourself and your body, calming and harmony with your nervous system

Week 6: Cultivating Possibility
Embodying expansion, courageous dreaming, building and creating with your body as your partner

Week 7: Cultivating Play
Embodying joy, increasing capacity for fun and curiosity, experiencing devotion and dedication from a place of lightness

What You Receive in Cultivate:


Foundations of Embodiment Training (pre-recorded)


7 Embodiment Practices to support your connection with your body and self
These short (15-20 min), pre-recorded practices are accessible and meant for every body. These practices are meant to support you on your own connection journey, and are not focused on *doing* anything a certain way. Each practice is an access point to the theme of the week and exploring your unique relationship with that theme.


7 Podcast-Style Trainings to introduce the weekly theme (pre-recorded)
Each training will give you a framework and some points of reference to consider as we deepen into each week. Feel free to listen to them while walking, doing dishes, with a journal- however will be supportive for you.


7 Live Virtual Group Sessions (approx. 75 minutes)
Each live session will be like a mid-week retreat, diving deeper into exploration of the theme for the week. You will experience a combination of teaching and discussion, low-impact, movement-based embodiment practices, energy work, meditation, self-inquiry time, and Q+A. We will be exploring each of these themes through body and breath, through energy and connection, from concept through to integration.


 7 Meditations to support you in integrating each session (pre-recorded)
These short (5-10 min) audios give you time to check in with your body and ground the energy of the theme each week. They can be done once, daily, or whenever feels right for you.


7 Sets of Inquiry Questions / Journal Prompts to deepen your exploration
Every week you will be given questions to get curious with as you delve into your own embodiment journey and your relationship with yourself and the theme of the week.


Cultivate + 1:1 Support:

Everything listed above, plus:


2 private embodiment coaching sessions to help you get customized support as you move through old programming, experience new possibilities in your body, and build your capacity for joy.


Check-ins with Kate via Voxer throughout the program to receive in the moment support as needed.

Cultivate Investment:

(Or 2 monthly payments of $200)

Cultivate + 1:1 Support:


(Or 2 monthly payments of $400)

Course Schedule and What to Expect:

Cultivate begins March 15th and runs through April 30th.

Live sessions will take place on Wednesdays at 4pm pacific / 7pm eastern and will run approximately 75 minutes. Sessions will be recorded if you are unable to make it live.

Once you enroll you’ll receive a detailed course schedule and access to the membership site.

This course is designed with you in mind- you are welcome to engage with it as much or as little as works for you and your life. While all of the materials are created to support you, you don’t need to do every single thing in order to receive enormous benefit from this experience. You will also have lifetime access to the materials so you can move through everything at the pace that is most supportive for you.

What it’s like to work with Kate

Mary says:

Having support like this has fast tracked my development as a joyful, expressed, fulfilled human. And it only continues to gain momentum (and settle more deeply into my body as my automatic state of being) the more I work with Kate.

Day to day I’m happier. I’m more at home in my body. I TRUST MY INSTINCTS AND MY INTUITION. I trust that the choices I make are right for me right now. I trust my knowledge and abilities. I trust the timing of my growth. Biggest of all, I trust my intuition to guide me to my most expressed, true, freest, me-est life.

My energy is more sustainable when I interact with people, especially in my close relationships. I’m no longer afraid to say no or let people down. I’m not afraid to fully feel my emotions. I’m nicer to myself and the people around me. I can recognize when I feel disempowered or out of balance, and can choose how to respond or if I want to shift. I can do so much faster now and am so much happier, expressive, creative and generally satisfied in my life because of it.

Christina says:

Joining this program, I was so excited to be able to have a variety of routines and also work on empowering myself. All the work we did was extremely useful, especially around recognizing and dealing with emotions. The group support was fantastic. I would recommend this experience to anyone, especially women who know they need a change but aren’t sure where to start! Working with Kate is amazing, because she is accepting of wherever you are in your journey. She works with you to make small changes so that you actually start to believe anything is possible, in your body, your life, and within yourself.

Jill says:

I’ve mostly given up on online courses because I’ve found them difficult to engage with in the past, but Kate’s courses are completely different. Every session is so full of wisdom and resonates with me in such a deep way that I’ve found it incredibly nourishing and joyful to spend time with the practices over the past few weeks.

And I’m so grateful for some of the shifts I’ve seen during that time – I feel grounded and nurtured in a way that I haven’t in a long time, and I think a huge part of that is due to the level of self-honesty that this course asks for and the way you guided all of us through the process. It feels as though I’m beginning to find the things that really feed me, rather than avoiding the parts of me that have been under-nourished and not well cared for or listening to pop culture for what I’m supposed to want.

Anie says:

This work has helped me connect with myself and develop a deeper understanding of who I am and what I bring to the table. It’s helped me explore my energetic connection with everything, to have a deeper relationship with my body and self. Kate’s ability to understand and empathize with where I’m coming from while gently nudging me to go further has made a huge difference in my life. Her method of always coming from listening to your body and listening to your gut and intuition has really changed how I think about and approach things.  Working with her I’ve developed strong sense of self confidence, learned to trust my intuition and gut, started discovering my why and sense of purpose, and went from having anxiety over trying to think about the future to being able to easily dream and vision about where I want to be.

Christine says:

Kate’s work is for those that are serious about making changes in their lives and how they relate to themselves and their bodies. Kate is serious about helping women find a true home in their bodies, but that takes commitment and effort on the client’s part. I would recommend this to anyone who has never felt peaceful and at home in their skin, but who is tired of the same rhetoric circling her brain about how bad she is for looking/being/feeling a certain way and tired of hopping from one product to course to product to find the “cure”.

Choosing to work with Kate was the catalyst that I needed, when I needed it, that allowed me to break free of all of the real and imagined chains holding me down. She helped me find center and groundedness within myself, acknowledge my own superpowers, and become comfortable with who I am when I’m not trying to be what everyone else wants me to be.

Who Am I and Why I Created This

Hello! I’m Kate. I’m a truth seeker, a joy bringer, and embodiment coach and guide. In my work I combine science-based approaches to the mind-body connection with intuition and divine guidance to help people create lives they love waking up for, lives rooted in self-loyalty, embodiment, and joy.

I create this program because there is so much value in exploration and deepening in relationship with our bodies, in tending our relationships with ourselves and cultivating an inner environment that is supportive and nourishing.

I want to live and dream and co-create in a world full of embodied humans. Think about what we could create together from a place of nourishment, wholeness, trust, and joy. The possibilities are exciting to me, and I want to bring my 10+ years of embodied healing experience to you so that we all have so much more available to us.

As a coach and guide, I’m not about that guru, pedestal, “I have all the answers” life. What I do have is over 10 years of experience in movement, embodiment, the mind-body connection, coaching, teaching, energy work, and healing. I am here to share possibilities, to provide tools and practices, and to ask questions that will open doors and new ways of being for you.

One of my superpowers is to create safe space for exploration and discovery, and I am wholly committed to supporting you along your own path of embodiment and wholeness within.

It’s an honor to support you and I can’t wait to work with you!