Heart of Joy Retreat


May 14-21, 2022

Nourish Your Creative Spirit and Unleash the Joy Within

Enter an environment designed to hold you, ground you, activate you, and expand you.

Choose to step away from the demands of everyday life into this immersive, joyful experience designed specifically for smart, driven people to play, create, explore, and nourish themselves.

Relax into the knowing there is space for all of you- your hopes, your fears, your feelings, your dreams, your voice, your doubts, your desires, your power.

Release the ties that bind you to “good enough”, the tension that keeps you confined, the thoughts and beliefs and habits that block the road to your most joyful, alive, creative self.

Embody the wisdom that lives within you and create pathways to bring forward the deepest longings of your heart and soul.

Claim your worth, your joy, your creativity, your deserving of all the goodness and magic life has to offer.

Receive a map of your mind, body, heart, and soul that leads you to all that feeds you and fulfills you, that lights you up from within and sets you on fire with passion, power, and possibility.

Each person has a unique blueprint for what creates maximum joy in their bodies and lives- a roadmap to feeling fully alive, fulfilled, and successful while in deep connection with their heart and soul.

We were born with these blueprints- what brings you joy and happiness and excitement is MEANT FOR YOU.

In this day and age it is far too easy to get swayed and influenced into believing someone else’s blueprint for success, and lose your way for what YOUR joy truly is. Trying to live up to someone else’s formula leads to overwhelm, confusion, stress, frustration. It feels like no matter what you do, something is always a little bit off- for some reason the dots just don’t quite connect, even if you’re doing everything you “should” do. Freedom and happiness don’t come from living up to someone else’s expectations.


To have unshakeable trust in yourself and your dreams.
To claim your worth and desires with a smile.
To know beyond a doubt what fulfills you and lights you up – and how to get it every single day.

Welcome to The Heart of Joy.


Through movement, creative play, self-inquiry, and adventure, we will:

  • Ground and anchor deep into your body and into the earth, building your support system and the foundations for sustainable, long lasting joy (without having to give up on your ambitions).

  • Tap into your heart space, your soul voice, to reclaim the power that dwells within you, and to access the wisdom that will show you how to focus and prioritize your joy (and then put that into action so you HAVE a clear focus and priorities when you get home).

  • Expand into the cosmos and infinite intelligence, opening into greater possibilities and increasing capacity for energy and imagination, while learning how to trust the joy when it comes, with deep faith that even more is on its way (no more bracing yourself for the other shoe to drop or waiting for things to go wrong).


Throughout the week you will experience the best of what Costa Rica and Kate have to offer – vibrant, luscious jungle, pristine beaches, and epic adventures, along with daily movement sessions designed to nourish and bring joy to your body, daily workshops to play with art and creativity as a channel of dreaming and self-expression, and so much space to ground, integrate, expand, and dive into possibilities.

“Leading up to the retreat I was feeling stressed and spread thin. I was feeling like the whole world was on my shoulders and it was my job to carry it. I was also excited and nervous to bring a project into the world. During the retreat I finally experienced getting out of my head and into my body. I was able to really feel my center of power and know just how much space and energy I can hold for myself and for others without letting it *into* my body. What’s present for me now that I’m home is Relief. Utter relief. This experience made so much more space to allow for joy, peace, and love (for myself, even!).” -CG

Retreat HQ – Where We Are Gathering

Immerse yourself in the vibrant jungles and gorgeous beaches of Nosara, Costa Rica. Our retreat will be held at Blue Spirit, a beautiful and sacred space right in the middle of one of the world’s Blue Zones – a place where longevity and quality of life are highest on the planet. Blue Spirit is a scenic 2.5 hour drive from Liberia, Costa Rica, and is a place of transformation, relaxation, rejuvenation, and beauty.

The retreat center is the perfect blend of spaciousness and intimacy, tucked away on a hillside with private beach access, filled with areas to explore and be on your own, as well as easy access to the main lodge and community gathering spaces.

With a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces to dine, play, learn, laugh, create, and expand, not to mention a beautiful balance of otherworldly mystical-ness (that’s a word) and really grounded, earthy vibes, Blue Spirit is the perfect place to open your heart, nourish your body and soul, and expand your capacity to create and receive Joy.

Tap into the Heart of Your Joy

Your Retreat Experience



  • 1-2 Daily Joyful Movement Sessions to open, strengthen, and energize your mind and body. Yoga-inspired movement classes that blend hatha yoga, restorative yoga, intuitive movement, kinesiology practices, breathwork, meditation, and more.

  • Daily Creative Play Sessions to access your voice and intuition and cultivate self-expression. Including painting, writing, coloring, self-inquiry, games, and more.
  • 2 Adventure Excursions to activate courage, deepen self-trust, and play in a beautiful natural setting. Zipline Canopy Tour and River Stand-Up Paddleboarding.
  •  3 Evening Integration Sessions to help you unwind, restore, and release the day. Including restorative yoga, beach fire ceremony, and sound healing.
  • 3 Nourishing Daily Meals prepared fresh with local ingredients. Mostly vegetarian, with meat options throughout the week. Allergy, sensitivity, and special-diet friendly.

  • 7 Nights of Lodging (single or double occupancy) in beautiful rooms, cottages, or suites in the heart of lush vegetation, wildlife, and within a stone’s throw of the ocean.

  • Plenty of Space each day to play, relax, adventure, and experience the magic of Costa Rica how YOU desire to do so.

  • Transportation to and from Blue Spirit from Liberia International Airport. All you have to do is get there and the rest is taken care of! Airfare NOT included.



7:00—9:00am: Breakfast and Free Morning Time

9:30—10:45am: Morning Movement Session

10:45a—12:00pm: Free Integration Time OR Creative Play Session

12:00—1:30pm: Lunch

1:30—4:00pm: Time for Spa, Beach Walks, Exploring in Town, Poolside Relaxation, Optional Excursions, and more.

4:00—6:00pm: Afternoon Movement Session And/OR Creative Play Session

6:00—7:30pm: Dinner

7:30—9:00pm: Evening Integration Session OR Free Evening


  • A deeper connection with your body and soul, and knowing what movements feel joyful in your body.

  • Clarity and insights into how to bring more joy and fulfillment into your everyday experience – no more allowing confusion and busy-ness to be more powerful than you!

  • 5-6 small pieces of art you’ve created (easily fitted into luggage!) to keep as reminders of what grounds you, what expands you, what lights you up, and the power you have within to create anything you desire.

  • A renewed sense of purpose, restored to who YOU are, and rejuvenated on all levels, along with clear priorities and action steps for your specific dreams and desires.

  • New tools and techniques to help you tap into your soul voice and access your creative energy – no matter how busy or overwhelmed you may get, you’ll know exactly what to do to reconnect to what matters and bring yourself back to center.

  • A direct line to your JOY – your BLISS – the calling in your heart that nourishes you, feeds, you, gives you life – so you’ll never stay disconnected or feel like something’s missing for weeks on end.

  • The courage to step up and CLAIM your joy. To live it and choose it every single day. To no longer say you’re good with “good enough” or “comfortable”. You’ll be ready to play with just how much joy you’re willing to receive and have.

  • A Post-Retreat Integration Session already scheduled with Kate so you can return home knowing you are supported and have a plan in place to translate all the inspiration and insights into action and real-life expansion and changes.

What others say about past events and retreats:

“This retreat was a wonderful time, where I felt truly cared for and my individuality honored. Before I arrived, I was feeling utterly in flux- I was aware of several crossroads rapidly approaching in my life, and am so thankful to have had the space created for this experience! I feel so much more grounded in my physical self, which is awesome, and I am now exploring the question: “What is possible if I am devoted to my own cause?” This retreat was an enjoyable, nurturing, and fulfilling experience!” -TR

“Before this retreat I was ready for respite! I was verging on burnout & was ready to bask in fellowship, great food & spiritual exploration. During the retreat a couple of experiences I had has helped me lean into my intuition & my body’s guidance so much more, and now after the retreat, even amidst some tough stuff coming up, I feel able to give myself what I need and to enjoy the process of taking care of me so much more than I used to!” -MC

“Before this experience, I was feeling so rushed, like all the things were happening at once- work, life, everything! I also was bringing some guilt into it because I’d “left home” and was doing something totally only for me. During the retreat I loved all the activities we did! And I enjoyed the fluidity of timing and structure and allowing things to relax and flow. Afterward I am feeling so calm and more grounded- like the world can still rush on past but I don’t have to let myself get caught up in it. I totally deserve to do things only for me and it’s awesome.” – CG

Embrace your magic and experience yourself fully ALIVE


In this experience we transform, heal, grow, and thrive together through joyful, intentional exploration in our minds, bodies, and hearts, keeping your unique needs for happiness and fulfillment front and center.

By attuning deeply to the heart, the core, of what makes you come alive – the pulse of your joy, your deepest and most expansive expression of you – and playing with embodying, expressing, and becoming that joy every single day through specialized movement, play, connection, and adventure.


Are you ready to open the door?

Choose Your Lodging

There are 3 types of lodging available, with options for single or double occupancy. Please read the descriptions carefully before choosing. Payment plans available – choose full payment or monthly payments below.

Once you register you will receive a Welcome Email with full retreat details and next steps (like booking airfare) within 24 hours.

Please note: Your retreat registration is non-refundable but fully transferrable. See FAQ for more details and please reach out if you have any questions.

**COVID-19 TRAVEL NOTE: If this retreat is unable to proceed as planned due to travel restrictions or unsafe conditions, it will be postponed to a later date. Any funds paid will be transferred to either the future date of this retreat or to a different retreat with Kate.


Simple and natural wood frame structures give you the experience of habitating within lush vegetation, surrounded by jungle vibes. There are screens for natural ventilation and a ceiling fan (No A/C). Each Cottage sleeps two people (twin beds) and has a private bathroom with ambient temperature water shower. You have the option of using the shared bathhouse for hot showers. The Eco-Cottages are situated below the Main Building and involves a few minute short hike up a stone stairway to get to the group for meals and sessions.


Pay in full or secure your space with a $500 deposit:

Once you register you will receive a PayPal receipt confirmation email immediately and a full welcome email with details and next steps within 24 hours.


The Hermitage rooms are located in the main building, close to everything yet still very private. This room is specifically designed for singles and is functional and cozy. You will have your own private bathroom, balcony, and space to retreat to whenever you like. Each room contains a queen-sized bed, hot water showers, a ceiling fan, and A/C. Easy accessibility to meals, session rooms, and common spaces.


Pay in full or secure your space with a $500 deposit:

Once you register you will receive a PayPal receipt confirmation email immediately and a full welcome email with details and next steps within 24 hours.


The Nature Suites are spacious and cozy, luxurious, and snuggled into the hillside amidst lush greenery and flowers. These suites are perfect for two people, a couple, or a single person who want private space to relax and enjoy life in the jungle. These natural wood frame structures have private bathrooms with an outdoor shower overlooking the jungle and a separate private enclosed porch. All Suites have hot water ceiling fans, and A/C. King-sized bed or two twin beds. The Suites are a short walk up the hill to the Main Building where meals and most sessions will take place.



Pay in full or secure your space with a $500 deposit:



Pay in full or secure your space with a $500 deposit:

Once you register you will receive a PayPal receipt confirmation email immediately and a full welcome email with details and next steps within 24 hours.

Your Retreat Leader

Kate Marolt is a transformational coach, teacher, speaker, and artist who helps busy, high-performing people all over the world feel at home and joyful in their bodies and live rich, creatively fulfilling lives (without selling their health, relationships, or souls in the process).

She believes joy is our natural state, and that playful curiosity is the key to success: in creative endeavours, relationships, body freedom, and purposeful work.

Drawing on her 15+ years of experience as an athlete, artist, movement teacher, energy worker, motivational speaker, and retreat leader, Kate brings a potent blend of magic and practical focus to the table in the form of deep embodiment and creativity practices and creates fun, dynamic workshops to help you get curious, get courageous, and get creative in the pursuit of joy.

Kate has led, taught at, organized, and co-facilitated over 20 retreats since 2013, and is so excited to meet and play with you in Costa Rica!

In their words…

“This retreat was magical. The way Kate stands in her truth and shows up so openly makes it so easy for each of us to do the same. I experienced growth that I didn’t expect, but thoroughly enjoyed. My heart feels so full not only from the work I did, but from all the connections I made and will cherish for a long time.” – JV

“Before this retreat, I was nervous. I was walking into the unknown, and that’s uncomfortable. Through hiking in nature, ritual releasing ceremonies, body connection practices, nourishing meals, and interacting with the goddesses, I feel like this retreat was moving in the most shifting of ways. I learned a lot about myself, and after this retreat I feel like my passions are closer to my heart than ever. I feel a sense of relief knowing I actually don’t care as much about how people experience me. I feel like sharing myself and expressing myself, and I love it!” – TB

“You were wild once. Don’t let them tame you.”

Reconnect with, Anchor, and Unleash Your Joy. Join us in Costa Rica.

Frequently Asked Questions



  • How do I get there?
    You will fly into Liberia International Airport, one of the two major airports in Costa Rica. You will be picked up by a Blue Spirit shuttle and brought to the retreat center. At the end of the retreat transportation will be provided back to Liberia.

    Another option is to fly into San José and take a small plane to Nosara from there. Full instructions and options will be provided upon registration.

  • I’m an introvert, will there be down time?
    Yes! One of the keys to a successful retreat is having plenty of time to explore, play, rest, and take care of yourself with unstructured time and space. Every day you will have several hours of time outside of sessions and group time to relax by the pool, walk on the beach, explore town, go on optional excursions, nap, or whatever you need to integrate and restore.

  • Can I pick my roommate?
    Absolutely- once you register, there will be an option in your welcome email and intake form to specify your preferred roommate.

    If you don’t have a preferred roommate or know anyone else coming, you will be matched up with another retreat participant.

  • What do I need to bring?

  • You will receive a full packing list about a month before the retreat. Mainly? Clothes you are comfortable moving in, clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, clothes for warm weather, and a couple of light layers for evenings.

  • Are there any additional expenses to be aware of?

    • This retreat is all inclusive from the moment you step out of the airport in Liberia.

    • That being said, there are options throughout the day and evening to purchase smoothies, snacks, and alcoholic beverages. These are not included.

    • You may also desire to shop in town, receive a spa treatment, or go on an additional excursion during free time. These options are on your own.

    • There are plenty of things we are doing together and that are a part of the retreat, so it’s really up to you!

    • The US dollar is widely accepted in Costa Rica.

    • The last thing to be aware of is there is an exit fee of $29  paid at the airport when you leave the country. Most airlines cover this fee, but be sure to double check before you leave.

  • How physically fit do I need to be?
    Great question. While this is an all levels retreat, we will be walking and moving our bodies a fair amount, and you will be most comfortable if you are able to walk at least half a mile every day and are open to being present in your body and moving every day.

    The movement sessions are designed to be taken at your own pace, and plenty of options will be provided for different bodies, abilities, and requirements.

  • What does “yoga-inspired” movement mean?
    Each movement session will be a blend of different styles of movement. Kate has been teaching many different types of movement for the past 10 years, and her style is eclectic, depending on what the room needs. You’ll experience some traditional yoga poses and some restorative yoga, along with intuitive movement, kinesiology practices, fluid movement, breath work, and more. These movement sessions are designed to meet you where you’re at and drop you into a space of deep presence and connection with your body.

  • I’m not artistic, will I hate it?
    Nah! If you’re adamantly opposed to playing with paint or expressive writing, you may not be the best fit for this experience. However, as long as you’re willing to show up and be with uncertainty, to play and get curious and see what happens, you’ll fit right in. This isn’t about “being an artist” – it’s about exploring your heart voice and self-expression in many different ways to see what you discover. I believe EVERYONE is creative, we are inherently creative beings, and art is simply one way to explore that creativity.

  • I’m not a morning person, do I have to get up at sunrise?
    Nope! While it *is* beautiful early in the morning, there is nothing scheduled before breakfast. If you’re a get up and meditate or walk on the beach at sunrise kind of person, great! If you’re a sleep in until last possible second kind of person, also great! Breakfast goes until 9am each day, and we get started with our first sessions at 9:30am. There may be one early day, depending on our excursion schedule.

  • I identify as a man or a non-woman, can I come?
    Yes! This retreat is inclusive of all gender expressions and identities.

  • Can I bring my partner / husband / wife / kid?
    This is a kid-free retreat. Your partner / husband / wife is more than welcome to come, either as a retreat attendee or to simply come along and do their own thing for the week.

    • If both of you would like to attend the retreat, simply sign up for double occupancy and when you fill out the welcome form, specify you want to room together.

    • If only one of you is attending the retreat, have that person register at the double occupancy rate and please reach out to me so we can get the payment for the other person sorted. Keep in mind that this means not attending any sessions, excursions, or experiences that are part of the retreat.

  • What’s the food like? I follow a special diet, will I be able to eat?
    The food at Blue Spirit is fresh, local, and absolutely delicious. Served buffet style, each meal has plenty of options. The meals are mainly vegetarian (plus fish), and the retreat center is very accommodating for allergies, sensitivities, and special diets. There will be a couple of opportunities to eat meals in town (with plenty of meat options) for an additional cost.

  • What is your cancellation policy?
    All retreat tickets are non-refundable and 100% transferrable. This includes tickets on payment plans. If for whatever reason you do need to cancel, you have the option of either deferring to a future retreat or finding someone to take your place. Because of this policy, I highly recommend travel insurance. Many credit cards come with travel insurance (check with yours to be sure), or you can purchase insurance separately.


I totally get it. Let’s hop on the phone and have a no pressure conversation where I (Kate) can answer any additional questions you may have as well as help you determine if this retreat is a good fit for you. Sometimes it’s nice to simply talk with someone for a few minutes to ensure we are a match! Click here to schedule a time to chat.