One on One Programs

This work is designed for smart, deep feeling humans who desire to create a life they love waking up for— a life where you feel rooted and alive in your body, passionate and satisfied with your work and what you’re creating in the world, and deeply anchored into joy as your foundational guiding force.

We do this somatically and relationally through gently rewiring your nervous system for safety in joy and expression, deconditioning from societal norms, moving through the messiness of emotional and relational wounds, and creating space for wholeness, nourishment, and vitality in your mind and body.

These custom designed programs are rooted in transformation, healing, and expansion. Each session is an alchemical process that creates new pathways of possibility, joy, and aliveness in every cell of your being.

I am here to help you reclaim your agency and redefine success to fit your life— not society’s (or your mother’s or your ex-partner’s) idea of success.

I am here to walk beside you as your guide while you journey into and map out the depths and terrain of your inner world, embracing your full spectrum of humanity.

I am here to support you in gently expanding your capacity for joy, self-trust, and creative expression– and bringing to life your most tenderly held dreams, your most alive self.

Most of all I’m here to remind you who you are:

A potent AF creator who’s passion, joy, and unique expression MATTERS.

What would be different in your life, right now, if you made choices from what would bring you joy rather than what would move you away from pain?

We live in a world that teaches us to look for problems to solve, for weaknesses and what’s wrong, to identify what is painful and to find a solution to fix or manage it all. Almost every person can point to a time they overcame adversity, pushed through a struggle, triumphed through pain, got through the s*** storm. Not many people regularly share about times they purposefully and intentionally pushed the limits of their joy.

We aren’t taught to focus on joy.
We aren’t taught how to increase our capacity to feel alive, vibrant, to allow more and more goodness into our lives.
We are taught so much to focus on the problems and to not complain if things are going okay that many people, those less proximal to power especially, feel guilty or wrong somehow for wanting more, for desiring happiness and fulfillment beyond what they already have.

We all have “set points” for pain tolerance and joy tolerance – in our work, our bodies, our relationships, our creative pursuits, and more. And in general, people have a much higher capacity for pain than they do for joy.

We set goals and create dreams based on moving away from pain – the pain of not being good enough, of taking up too much space, of being invisible, of not being worthy of love, of not belonging, of being too big, of not having enough money, of being lonely – rather than actively and consciously choosing a life based in a foundation of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

And when something good happens? When an experience is joyful, or beautiful, or you feel really alive? Most of us are trained to brace ourselves- to pump the brakes so that it doesn’t hurt as much when the pain inevitably comes. To not fully receive it or be present to the experience, because eventually it will be taken away or something bad will happen. You might have some success, but it will come at the expense of something else.


  • You can have a relationship with your body that is respectful, kind, and rooted in vitality.

  • You can create work that is joyful and fulfilling (and prosperous!), without disconnecting from who you are.

  • You can have soul-nourishing, deeply supportive relationships without depleting yourself and being everything for everyone.

  • You can do all this, and still have time to curl up on the couch with a book (or Netflix!) and your favorite furbaby.

You have the power to create a life and reality where you are oriented toward joy, from a place of deep love for yourself and your body.

There are ways to actively and purposefully increase your capacity for joy, and to learn strategies and tools to deal with pain and tough stuff without selling yourself out in the process.


Your body holds the keys to your joy.
Joy is a state of being – a felt, lived experience that begins in your cells and resonates out through your physical self, your soul, and beyond.

If there is pain, discomfort, tension, disconnect in your body – we begin there to see what it may have to tell you about your limits for joy and what may be blocking you from expansion in your current life.

Your body holds a vast amount of wisdom. It’s your joy compass. How you feel about your body, talk about your body, talk to your body, and how your body feels and works say a lot about both where you’re at and what’s possible.

Your body will never lead you astray. It simply points the way.

This work taps into the deep levels of truth and wisdom in your heart, your mind, AND your body. Our work together will support you in accessing the channels to your own truth and wisdom, and help you build a strong foundation of joy – both in how you are being and experiencing the world, and how you are showing up and taking action in the world.

This is full spectrum support in everything required for you to expand your capacity for joy – both in your body and in your life. You will be in a powerful container of support designed to connect you fully with the fire in your heart, clear away what’s preventing you from taking action on your joy, and building a plan of action that is in integrity, is fun, and creates more of what you desire in all areas of your life.

All the answers you need are inside of you. The keys lie in both learning to access those answers and trust them to get you where you want to go. When you choose to step into this space and embark on this journey of embodiment, of trust and fierce surrender, of living a full, creative life, you are not alone. I am with you every step of the way.

There is no “one size fits all” with this work. Each private coaching experience is individualized to meet you where you currently are and to guide and support you in where you are heading in this particular phase of your life. You will receive focused guidance and in-between session priorities and practices, along with plenty of time and space to integrate and create. I (Kate) will be your vision keeper, your truth guide, your energetic support, and, when needed, your loving kick in the ass so that you can show up joyfully, powerfully, and unapologetically YOU.


Choose Your Path:

The Quick Shift

For when you need a dash of laser-focused support to re-ignite your inner fire and re-calibrate you back into your power.

The Focused Expansion

Deep dive into one area of your life or work and spend 30 days focused on momentum and creation, bringing your dreams and desire to life.

The Full Transformation

Full service, private coaching containers – 6 or 12 months.

Reclaim is a journey of owning your wholeness and fiercely choosing love and joy. You will be provided with support on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. You will put in focused effort and awareness toward growth, healing, and possibility – all in service of radically upping your capacity for joy and in stepping into the truth of the powerful creative being you are.

It’s one thing to desire self-love and a life of joy. It’s another to truly embody it and walk the path. To embark on this journey is to step into the work of Reclaiming.

Reclaiming your belief in your own worthiness.
Reclaiming your power, energy, and mastery over your own time, space, and abilities.
Reclaiming your ability to sense, intuit, feel, and express the deepest truths in your heart and soul.
Reclaiming trust in your own authority and knowing. Reclaiming your ability to voice and act on your needs, your desires, your dreams, your ambitions.

This program provides a container for you to heighten your awareness of what is and isn’t working in your life, give you customized tools and practices to increase your level of self-trust, gain crystal clarity on what you truly want (not what you’re supposed to want, or have been conditioned to want), and to empower you to take action and go after those goals and dreams from a place of trust, worthiness, and embodiment.

Reclaim is available as a 6 or 12 month program.


  • Kick-off Deep Dive Vision Session (1.5 hours)

  • 2x 1 hour sessions each month

  • Customized practices, action steps, and priorities between each session

  • Ongoing support between sessions (via email or Telegram)

  • Priority access to all virtual programs and experiences I run during our time together

6 Month Program Investment: $5,100 ($850 per month)
12 Month Program Investment: $9,600 ($800 per month)

Various payment plans available.

Create is the highest level of program I offer, a custom built mentorship designed to  give you full support in creating everything you want in your life. This is for the woman who is ready to fully step into her sovereignty – in her work, in her relationships, in her body, in her creativity, in her joy. This year long container of support will give you the time, space, and energy to choose greater for yourself than you ever have before – and in a way that truly works for you and supports what YOU want.

You can be smart, goal-driven, and powerful. You can also be receptive, relaxed, and deeply in love with your life. Create will support you in building trust in yourself on a bone-deep level, and help you claim your energy, joy and self-expression beyond what you’ve experienced before.

Each session, retreat, and resource is custom-designed for you. Every person has a unique energetic makeup and specific goals, so each program is unique and specific to you, where you’re at, what you need, and who you are becoming. You will have Kate in your back pocket every step of the way, and the continuous support available allows us to move forward and create both rapidly and joyfully for you.

Create is available as a 12 month container. We will begin with a 2 hour ALIVE session to clarify your vision and the priorities of our work together, and will then meet up to 4x / month for the duration of your program. We will meet in person sometime during the year for a custom designed, private weekend retreat. You will receive ongoing high priority support in between sessions, along with highest priority access to all my virtual programs, courses, and client experiences. Full program details available during your consultation.

Due to the high touch nature of this program, I only accept a few people at a time into Create. There is currently 1 space available.

Investment will be discussed during your program consultation.