Permission To Be Human

Ever wish you could set down the perfectionism and striving for awhile? Maybe take off the self-judgement and questioning your worth for a bit and just… be?

I posted this on Facebook today- the journey and permission of being human. Afterward, I also wrote a promise to you, from me about how I run my business, how I show up, and why it matters <3


I am the first to admit when I don’t have the answers.

I used to always try really hard to be right and make sure people knew what I was talking about- even if I actually didn’t.

I was taught to “be an expert” and “only share my story if I had it perfected and teachable”.

When Negativity Is A Vehicle For Aliveness

If you’ve read any sort of self-help book, been in therapy or hired a coach, attended any sort of new age or self-development workshop, googled how to be happy, etc. etc… you’ve probably seen this idea come up over and over again:

Our thoughts shape our reality.

Yes? You with me?

I’ll be the first to say I wholeheartedly agree with this statement, AND.

Thoughts, emotions, judgements, stories, and especially the energy behind all of these things is what shapes and creates the reality you are currently existing in.

Activate Your Creative Potential

One of the reasons many of my clients come to me is because they want to access their full potential. There’s a feeling that there is so much more available than having everything be “good” or “fine”. They can feel the spark of desire within them to go on adventures, be more creative, make different choices in their lives- and know that there has to be a way that is different than buying another self-development book or just “trying harder”.

The good news is, there is! There are absolutely ways to trust yourself enough to book a plane ticket, to understand your energy and figure out how to use it for the things you actually WANT to be doing, to rewire your habits and patterns for fun and joy in your life.

The Paradox of Self-Acceptance

There’s an interesting thing that happens when we begin to speak about, explore, and eventually embody true acceptance of ourselves.

And there’s an interesting paradox that arises when people wonder what self acceptance is like.

Oftentimes I hear from women who want to explore embodiment work that there’s a part of them that is afraid that if they accept themselves, then they will “let themselves go” or “never want to work toward anything again”.

It’s fascinating, because on one level, there is an intense desire to feel comfortable in your skin, at home in yourself, choosing self love and self acceptance above all else.

And then there’s another level- the energetic level that is used to accomplishing things from a place of fear, a place of trying to be good enough, a place of attempting to achieve worthiness

This Question is Required for Moving Forward in Life

If you’re here reading this, I’m guessing you are smart, driven, creative, and most likely have some goals or dreams you are working toward or wanting to work toward.

Whether that’s landing a new job, changing the way you feel about your body, a novel you keep meaning to write, going on a world adventure, falling in love… you’re seeking something. Possibly many things at once.

Have you ever wondered what the “right” move is for you? Which goal to focus on? What your strategy is for achieving it?

Why You Resist Feeling Good [+ What To Do About It]

When we are young, we understand that feeling good is our natural state. At some point, you were told that you were too much, too big, too smart, or were asked to take it down a notch, quit showing off, be realistic, etc.

Those moments start to create a cap on how good we allow ourselves to feel, because the messages that get embedded in our energetic systems through those moments are things like “It isn’t safe to be me” and “When I feel good, I get in trouble.”

Over time, these messages get reinforced as we try and fit into society and school and professional life. You develop a set point for how good you allow yourself to feel based on what has been deemed safe and reasonable for living your life within a certain container.

This practice cured 95% of my headaches and my insomnia

The past couple of weeks I’ve been traveling, and my adventures have taken me through airports, to Disneyland, speaking at an amazing event in San Antonio, and meeting and connecting with a lot of different humans.

Being in so many different environments and around so many different people reminded me once again just how important it is to have regular practices in place to clear out and reset my energetic system and to be in communication with my body about what she needs.

Without these check ins and resets in place, I notice myself drifting very quickly toward overwhelm, exhaustion, irritability, anxiety, self-doubt, heaviness… you get the picture. All those things I DON’T want to feel. And whenever I forget to check in for too long, I forget WHY I might be feeling this way, and suddenly lots of things in my life are to blame or aren’t going right or aren’t good enough.

Feeling Discouraged? Try This.

Today I want to share with you some musings and a practice to take in for when you are feeling discouraged. As much as I think we would all love to feel perfectly happy and on fire all of the time, life ebbs and flows like the tides, and sometimes we end up feeling a little discouraged, a little disconnected.

This is so normal. It has nothing to do with your status as a competent, worthy human. It simply means that you are, in fact, human. And as humans, we feel the full range of emotions, including sometimes the less that fun ones.

Whether you have feelings of discouragement at present, or simply would like some tools to work with it when it comes up, read on.

What You Really Need To Trust Yourself

These days there are so many articles and courses and books out there trying to teach us how to be happy, how to love ourselves, and what we have to do in order to feel free and successful.

And don’t get me wrong, I love this- I love the way we as a collective are beginning to focus on self-growth, self-knowledge, and self-love.

What I don’t love though, is that there is often a step that is missing from these books and articles and courses. A step that is absolutely crucial to take on the path of self-love and actually integrating all the information into a place of bone-deep trust in yourself and your capabilities.

Without this step, it doesn’t matter how many tools you learn, how many spiritual practices you try, how many books you read, how many retreats you go on, how many self-care lists you make- that whole “I love and trust myself” thing will still feel outside of you. 

The Myth of Readiness

So often I hear (and have felt myself) from smart, driven, highly capable women that they aren’t sure if they are ready to make a change or step into a new level of support or create the piece of art / write the story / perform on stage the way that they know they want to.

There are a lot of questions in doing something new or differently.

What will happen?
How will I make space for it?
What if it doesn’t turn out the way I want?
What if I fail?
What if I’m rejected or judged or both?