Don't Hold Back

A fierce message for you, from the archetype of the Archer:

Do not hold back- your talents, your ideas, your dreams, your expression.

The waiting and wavering back and forth? That’s done now.

Today is a powerful day to plant seeds that will grow into something glorious if nurtured. A day to spend some time dreaming and visioning, to get clear on what you truly desire and to commit to it, wholeheartedly, even if you have no idea how to get there.

Self-Care is NOT a Luxury

Self-Care has become a bit of an industry lately- a way to sell a certain lifestyle and commodities that are status symbols of taking care of yourself. Yoga studio memberships, fancy artistic journals, bubble baths and high end bath salts, wearing red lipstick, buying yourself flowers, eating a salad, drinking a glass of wine…

And the way self-care is portrayed, especially on social media, frankly pisses me off. Because it positions taking care of yourself as a luxury you should indulge in, rather than an absolute necessity for your health, sanity, and quality of life.

The Three Things You Need To Be Fully Alive


First and foremost, you have to want it. You have to desire becoming who you are more than you fear what it will take.

Desire can feel uncomfortable. It can feel a little unsafe. To desire something is to acknowledge that you don’t currently have it, or you are seeking it. Declaring a desire is saying you know what you want and it matters to you. You have to let it matter.

This can feel a little edgy. This is also a place that a lot of people stay.

What Real Self-Care Looks Like

Let’s talk about self-care. Like, for realsies self-care.

What does it mean to have a practice of self-care and to be of service to your body, your soul, your energy, all of you?

I’m not talking green juice and yoga. Nor am I talking a checklist of things you have to accomplish in order to be ‘taking care of yourself’. I’m not talking about pushing aside anger or sadness or fear with positive affirmations either.

Stop Gathering Information and Start Living

Okay so I’m pretty fired up today. There have been several themes throughout all of my client sessions this week, and a big one that I keep hearing is, “I’m really good at researching and gathering information and learning new techniques- I could do that all day.”

And when I ask how much of that information is being implemented and integrated, I’m usually met with silence, a nervous giggle, or a “Yeah…I know.”

Anybody else?

Ignite Your Creative Spark

“…While there is something to be said definitely for commitment and consistency, missing a day or not getting it exactly right (in whatever you are doing) is not a good excuse for stopping forever. It can be a convenient excuse, and a great way your brain will trick you into staying in the exact same place you are now…”

For When You Would Rather Shut Down Than Feel

Most of us aren’t taught how to cope with our emotions and experiences in a way that allows us to thrive. And while I know that up until this point keeping your barriers up may have been the only possibility available to you, I would love to offer you another way- a way that allows you to honor your full range of experiences, and to honor the tenderness and depth of your sensitivity without having to cut yourself off or turn to old habits that don’t support you.

The Secret to Loving Your Body

How many people do you know that really truly love their bodies?

From what I’ve gathered in research and conversation, there aren’t that many, even though everyone I’ve talked to WANTS to love their bodies and have complete confidence in themselves.

As we talked about last week, positive body image is not the answer. Repeating affirmations and trying to override your thoughts is not the answer.

So what is the answer? How DO you actually feel at home in your body?

Why Positive Body Image is the Wrong Goal

There is a proliferation (aka a f*ck ton) of articles, images, motivational quotes, and pop psychology support around how to have a positive body image, how to love your body right now, choosing beauty, and more. Great right?

At a glance, it looks like our society is moving in the right direction with celebrating women’s bodies, standing up against objectification and unrealistic standards, and choosing health over extremes.

Except what isn’t being addressed is how most of these “choices” and “celebrations” are still focusing on the image of woman, and positioning each woman’s relationship with her outward appearance as the thing that will give her what she wants in life.

Disappointment: Where It Comes From and How To Deal With It

Pretty much everyone on this planet can remember a time when they were disappointed, frustrated, or upset when something didn't work out. Or hearing someone say the dreaded, "I'm so disappointed in you.”

Landing in a place of being disappointed generally means something didn't work out the way we thought it would, and that place alone can be jarring to our sense of trust and confidence in who we are. It's all well and good to put your faith and trust in the Universe and have good self-esteem when everything is going the way you want it to.

But what happens when things don't work out?