This practice cured 95% of my headaches and my insomnia

The past couple of weeks I’ve been traveling, and my adventures have taken me through airports, to Disneyland, speaking at an amazing event in San Antonio, and meeting and connecting with a lot of different humans.

Being in so many different environments and around so many different people reminded me once again just how important it is to have regular practices in place to clear out and reset my energetic system and to be in communication with my body about what she needs.

Without these check ins and resets in place, I notice myself drifting very quickly toward overwhelm, exhaustion, irritability, anxiety, self-doubt, heaviness… you get the picture. All those things I DON’T want to feel. And whenever I forget to check in for too long, I forget WHY I might be feeling this way, and suddenly lots of things in my life are to blame or aren’t going right or aren’t good enough.

I also stop sleeping soundly, and end up with a lot of tension headaches and pains in my body.

Sound familiar?

Exhaustion, constant headaches, tension in my body, anxiety… these used to be the norm for me. It felt like no matter what I did they would always stay or come back, and I started to believe that that was just how it was going to be.

Until I started to understand and practice playing with energy.

Knowing how to check in, clear, shift, and reset my energy changed everything. Headaches? Gone instantly. Insomnia? A thing of the past. Anxiety? Short lived. Not to mention greater levels of inspiration, feeling vitality and clear-headed, and more confidence in my body.

It is absolutely necessary to learn how to check in with and clear your own energy field if you want to be in control of your ability to live a life full of magic, creativity, possibility, and awesomeness.

And the cool thing is, it’s really not hard. It just takes practice and a willingness to experiment a little!

Everyone’s energy is unique, and we are constantly picking up on energies, moods, and vibes from people, places, experiences, media, and events. A lot of marketing is also designed to tap into your energy and hook you into wanting things. I don’t think this is good or bad or right or wrong, but it’s super important to be aware of it.

So here’s the thing. I LOVE helping you be unapologetically YOU- confident, nourished, connected, sovereign, LIT UP- in all areas of your life.

And in order to do that? You need to know what energy is yours, which emotions and thoughts are yours, which habits and patterns are yours, and which ones aren’t.

We are constantly picking up energy, yes?

That energy translates into points of view, belief systems, habits, emotional responses, and more.

And if you don’t have a regular practice of clearing out the stuff that DOESN’T belong to you, it’s not going to matter how many positive thoughts you think or workouts you do or productivity hacks you try- that other stuff is still going to be in there working behind the scenes to keep you where you are.

When you start to work with energy, recognizing what’s yours, what’s not yours, how to clear your space, and how to bring in specific energies to your life, it’s like a whole new dimension of possibility is open to you. There is less struggle. Less needing to hide and protect yourself. And a lot more opportunities to receive magic and opportunities.

Over time, you step into having what I call Rock Solid Energy – you have a relationship with energy that allows you to be grounded, powerful, unshakeable, and wholly able to direct the course of your life with ease.

One of the first steps to Rock Solid Energy is becoming aware of what energy is yours and what energy is not yours.

How do you this?

Step 1:

When you are in the middle of something, whether that is agonizing over a headache, trying to stave off a panic attack, suddenly feeling super exhausted… notice that this is happening. Give yourself the time and space to pause and simply acknowledge what is happening. This creates awareness of what IS in that moment.

Step 2:

Ask yourself, “Who does this belong to?”

When you’re new to this practice, it may feel like “of course this is mine”. Over time, it will become more clear when something is yours and when it isn’t. (This is something I work on with my clients all the time, by the way.)

Even if you don’t feel one thing or the other, recognize that you are constantly picking stuff up from people and places. The probability of something unpleasant truly being yours is actually quite low.

And if you want to get really far out there, assume that everything is made up and if you get to choose your reality, would you really choose to have that headache or heavy exhausted feeling? 

Anyway, once you determine something doesn’t belong to you, move on to the third step.

Step 3:

Remove it from your system and return to sender.

You can do this in a couple of ways- one simply being to say over and over again, “return to sender” until whatever it is goes away. I like to imagine that energy zooming out of my body and out into the world, transforming into love and magic sparkles as it does.

Over time, my headaches have become practically non-existent. And on the rare times I DO have them, they dissolve as soon as I practice this. Same for overwhelm, unexpected exhaustion, irritability, and more.

Amazing, right? This stuff works and is so needed.

But wait, there’s more! (haha)

 Another practice that I have that I do at LEAST twice a day, if not more, is to clear out all the foreign energy in my system and to call all of my energy that has been scattered to various people / places / events back to me. This works WONDERS on feeling calm, clear, inspired, confident, and ready for action.

I’ve recorded a short audio (less than 5 minutes) of this practice for you called Release Negativity and Reclaim Your Energy. All you have to do to send an email to with the subject line “I want to reclaim my energy!” and I’ll send it your way.