Don't Hold Back

A fierce message for you, from the archetype of the Archer:

Do not hold back- your talents, your ideas, your dreams, your expression.

The waiting and wavering back and forth? That’s done now.

Today is a powerful day to plant seeds that will grow into something glorious if nurtured. A day to spend some time dreaming and visioning, to get clear on what you truly desire and to commit to it, wholeheartedly, even if you have no idea how to get there.

And if you’re not really feeling like dreaming? If specifics feel out of grasp? That’s completely okay.

I bet at the very least you desire soulful friendships filled with laughter and adventures, being in amazing health and having a lot of energy, and wealth and abundance like crazy.

Sound about right?

Excellent. You can focus your energy and power to create space for these in your life.

The archer is a warrior, an explorer, a fiery symbol of focus, commitment, and truth.

She is asking if you are ready to adventure and explore and step into the unknown like maybe you never have before. And the thing about that is, exploring and adventuring doesn’t always mean going somewhere and doing things out in the world. Sometimes you are asked to adventure somewhere maybe you’ve feared to go or avoided.

You are asked to go deep inside. To scale the walls around your heart. To tread lightly into the rooms within your spirit that haven’t seen light in a while, and to shine that light on all the dust, cobwebs, and darkness that have been gathering within you.

This can feel a little daunting. A little icky. And that’s okay.

The thing about setting and keeping our focus on what you most desire is that it’s a LOT easier when there aren’t a myriad of distractions rolling about within you- old fears and habits and thoughts that want to pull you away from where you are aiming.

Clearing out the clutter in your body, mind, energy, and emotions creates soooo much space and light for the magic to come in, much like clearing out the junk drawer and the piles of stuff in your home creates space and peace where before there was, well, clutter and distraction.

When I say don’t hold back, what do you feel?

Do you feel excited and ready? Do you feel guilty? Are there judgements? Something else?

What if playing full out and going all in didn’t mean you have to push push push until you burn out or fail?

What if commitment wasn’t about gritting your teeth and steeling yourself?

What if you could relax into commitment? What if your expression and your dreams were simply a result of who you are?

This is completely possible. So long as you are willing to put the time in.

Time to clear out the clutter.
Time to make space.
Time to ground into yourself and the earth, to breathe and allow.
Time to be clear on your desires.

Confusion and lack of clarity no longer get to be your excuse for not taking action.

Because even if you don’t think you know what you want, if you are like everyone else I know and want awesome friends, to feel healthy and excited, and plenty of money, then guess what? You DO know what you want!

Today is not a day to figure out exactly how you’re going to get there. In fact, there is no way to possibly ever know exactly how you’re going to get anywhere.

Today IS a day to chart the course. Get clear on where you are right now. Get clear on where you want to be. Know that the way to get there is created along the way.

Action Step:
Decide how you want to proceed. Ask yourself, “what can I do RIGHT NOW that might move me in the direction of health, wealth, and happiness?” (Or whatever your specifics are).

Next Action:
Notice anywhere you are attached to WHAT it is that’s going to get you there, or HOW it’s going to happen. Offer up your attachment to the Universe and honey? Let. That. Shit. Go.

The secret to living life OUT LOUD, playing full out, not holding back?

Know where you are, keep your visions on where you are headed, and never stop moving forward.

We don’t get confident and courageous and bold by wishing for it. We get there by acting in a way that requires us to be those things. We make bold moves while we are feeling small. We act with courage even when we are scared. (Fun fact: courage actually can’t be present unless fear is also present.)

That’s it.

So whatever it is you’ve been dragging your heels on, whether it be a creative project, a commitment to yourself, a choice or decision to make… first acknowledge that you are where you are. Forgive yourself for any of the “I should have done this by now”s and “I’m better than this”s. You are where you are.

Action Step:
Ask yourself, “why is this so important?” What is it about this thing that I both want and resist?

Next Step:
Notice if you have in any way attached your happiness or abundance or fulfillment to any one thing. Notice if it’s something you “should” do or something you are truly excited about.

And Then:
Decide from there if it’s something to pursue in this moment. If it isn’t, set it aside.

From there:
If it is, ask yourself, “in my perfect world, how would I feel throughout this process? How would this project/commitment/conversation/etc. go?”

This Part is Important:
Imagine it’s already completed and wildly successful, or leads to magical things. How does that feel in your body?

Bring that feeling in. Fill yourself to the BRIM with it.

Don’t Stop Now:
And imagine you are the archer, taking aim. Your arrow is filled with joy, wonder, delight, excitement. Your target is clear (health, wealth, happiness, etc.). As you release that arrow into the universe, feel in your bones that the path to your target is filled with exactly what is already filling your body.

Almost There:
Take your time to be here. Turn inward. Acknowledge, forgive, and release whatever you need to.

And then?

So Close Now:
Choose how you want to experience your life. See your dreams and goals as already done. Act with the focus of the archer and keep taking action. Keep moving forward.

And watch as your life bursts into bloom before, as the fire of aliveness and fulfillment flows through your veins.

Don’t hold back.