One of the reasons many of my clients come to me is because they want to access their full potential. There’s a feeling that there is so much more available than having everything be “good” or “fine”. They can feel the spark of desire within them to go on adventures, be more creative, make different choices in their lives- and know that there has to be a way that is different than buying another self-development book or just “trying harder”.

The good news is, there is! There are absolutely ways to trust yourself enough to book a plane ticket, to understand your energy and figure out how to use it for the things you actually WANT to be doing, to rewire your habits and patterns for fun and joy in your life.

And you DON’T have to slave away or give up things that matter to you in order to do so.

You can live with your heart full and your body lit up and on fire with inspiration and excitement for your life.

It simply takes practice, and choosing it every day- even if you were never taught how up until now.


We all have an energy field that flows around our bodies and within our bodies. Your creative energy field is very much that- creative energy is life force energy, therefore all of the energy of you is also creative potential energy. How cool is that?

There is a whole lot of potential energy, unlimited amounts really, available to you in this reality and lifetime.

When you understand how energy works, how YOUR energy works, and how to attune your body and being to access that creative energy, anything is possible.

The following practice will bring awareness to your creative life force energy field, show you areas that may be stuck or stagnant, and begin to clear and align your creative energy. When your creative energy field is aligned and attuned, this unlocks the door for endless amounts of ideas, inspiration, and possibility to come through- along with the energy and focus to bring them to life.

Without further ado, here’s your practice!

Connecting With Your Creative Energy Field

Spend a few minutes each day feeling your creative energy field, using the practice below.
This practice has been adapted from Wild Creative by Tami Lynn Kent.

1. Find yourself a comfortable, rooted position- either standing, sitting up straight with feet on the ground, or lying down. Ideally your body will be able to remain still as you feel into the energies and spaces within and around you.

2. Scan your body while breathing deeply- notice your feet, your legs, your pelvis and hips, your belly, your back, your rib cage, your shoulders, your arms, your neck, your head. Feel your connection to the earth. Soften any areas you are clenching or tightening. Allow a few moments to simply connect here.

3. As you continue to scan your body, notice the areas that feel bright, alive, vibrant- like there is space and there is energy flowing. What does it feel like to direct your breathing to these spaces? Notice as well any areas that feel stagnant, dull, dense- maybe there is tension or a lack of connection there. What does it feel like to direct your breathing to these areas?

4. Spend some time breathing into all these different places. Imagine the dull and dense areas brightening up and becoming more spacious- imagine that stagnation dispersing with every breath. Notice any sensations that arise without needing to change or fix them.

5. After you’ve spent some time in these spaces, bring your awareness to the left side of your body. How does the left side of your body feel? Breathing into the spaces, noticing any areas that feel dull. Next, bring your awareness to the right side of your body. How does this side feel? What do you notice? Breathe here.

6. Imagine a flow of of energy drawing up from the earth through your left foot, running up your leg, up the left side of your body, crossing over through your neck into your right brain. Imagine that energy crossing to your left brain, down through your neck and over to the right side of your body, flowing down the right side, down the right leg, out through the right foot into the earth. Imagine a loop flowing this way, and with every breath, imagine that flow of energy brightening up and clearing out the spaces that feel stuck or stagnant.

7. Release the image of the flow of energy, and have a few more deep breaths into your whole body. When you feel complete, gently open your eyes and bring some movement into your body. Observe your energy, your physical being, and how you feel.

The more awareness you bring to this space, the more potential you unlock in your creative energy field.

What do you notice in your body? Where do you feel stuck? Where do you feel vibrant? What was your experience with this practice? How does it change over time?

Do this practice daily for the next 7 days and pay attention to what happens.