A 6 month transformational coaching experience for creatives, leaders, rebels, and dreamers

Your whole self matters. Your gifts, your dreams, your voice, your visions— they all matter. Deeply.

Now is the time to ground into your body, activate your courage and power, and expand into the possibilities of your wholeness— so that instead of getting stuck questioning your worthiness, spinning in avoidance cycles, or only asking for what you think you can get, instead you can lead, create, innovate, and dream new worlds into being every single day.

Cor is a space for you to explore and gain capacity with the small, daily acts of courage that allow you to build out the vision you have for your life in a way that nourishes and takes care of you.

The etymology, the root of the word courage comes from the Latin cor, meaning heart. Therefore to live with courage means to live with heart, or “to speak one’s mind by telling all of one’s heart” (Brené Brown).

Courageous Self-Leadership is a path that teaches you to access the truth in your heart, and gives you the tools and resources you need to speak, live, and act from your most alive Self.

Cor is a program for the ‘good humans’ — the ones who have been socialized to be good students, parents, workers, children, spouses — with an inner maverick who care deeply for others, have hope for the world, and who desire to lead a wildly meaningful and fulfilling life.

You can care deeply and give freely while still honoring the creative pulse within. You can work toward changing the world while giving the rebellious passion and dreams of your soul space to take root and bloom.

Your heart holds the keys to your desires, your worthiness, your direction, your soul. When you tap into courage, you tap into a powerful resource within you that will lead you toward your most satisfying, joyful, creatively rich life.

And while you may not be experiencing this or fully believe it right now, I want you to know: A life infused with joy, driven by meaning, and full of creativity and satisfaction truly is possible for you.

Envision a life where:

You take up the space you are meant to inhabit.
You have deep trust in yourself, your dreams, and your ability to lead and create.
You move at the pace of your body and energy, with spaciousness and trust in the process.
You have the tools to navigate the tough stuff, and a capacity to feel and adapt as you go without giving up on what’s important to you.
You are clear on your priorities, and know how to say ‘no’ (or ‘yes!’) in a way that honors all parties (including you).
You meet fear, disappointment, doubt, and uncertainty with grace.
Your deepest truths, biggest ideas, and most powerful desires feel safe and exciting to explore and bring to life.
Rather than looking outward at what your peers and colleagues are doing as a compass to navigate life, you are actively connected to your inner truth and move from that place— a place where your whole self is welcome, honored, and celebrated.

Cor is a pathway there.

Cor may be for you if:

✅  You resonate with being a visionary. A creator. A somewhat rebellious caring soul. Someone with a dream (for your life, for your community, for the world).

✅  You believe that self-responsibility is a key component to leading and living well.

✅  You are prepared and desire to anchor the Self pieces into the larger systems of socialization that we live in.

✅  You’ve done a fair amount of self-discovery, healing, and/or embodiment work already.

✅  You have a solid understanding of your habits, patterns, coping mechanisms, and triggers, and are curious about what else is possible.

✅  You don’t necessarily need a ton of new information, but desire the depth of transformation available when you are in a relational container that goes beyond mindset and intellect and deep into felt, embodied experience.

✅  You honestly feel pretty solid in who you are and what you’re up to in life, and yet… there are stirrings of more (and you want to lean into that more).

✅  You notice places where you still wobble and don’t hold to decisions and convictions.

✅  You feel the ick in sticky situations and maybe even guilt for wanting more when you already have so much.

✅  You have a desire to move beyond what you think you can get, what feels safe and comfortable, and allowing yourself to move into more lushness, more fullness, more capacity, capability, and creation from a place of soul resonance.

Why Cor?

We need more embodied leaders. Humans who are in right relationships with themselves, who have the ability to be with nuance, discomfort, and hard things, and who also are clear on what they have to offer, what lights them up, and are creating each day from courage and joy.

Tapping into courage means tapping into your whole, unfiltered self. Allowing your wildness to emerge from the hidden places within, from the folds in your skin and the marrow in your bones.

🔥 Courage is the fire that burns in your heart, that some days is a whisper and some days is a roar of “Yes. More. Give me ALL that life has to offer.”

When you develop a relationship and capacity for courage, you are able to shed layers of perfectionism, protection, and conditioning. You become aware of all the small (and not so small) places you’ve been settling, seeking only to ask for what you think is available to you, rather than being fierce and unyielding in what you truly desire.

Courage is a force and a companion for navigating fear, for doing hard things, for building and creating and living in a way beyond what was once shown to you as possible.

🔥 Courage doesn’t ask, “What can I get?” It asks, “What else is possible I haven’t even considered? What more is available to me beyond what I’ve previously imagined?”

🔥 Courage is the voice that says, “I’ll try again” when you’ve been knocked down by life or swept away by circumstance. It’s a homing beacon back to your soul, a radio signal to your inner truth that says, “I’m here to live. Not just exist, but to be ALIVE. Show me the way.”

Cor gives you the tools, the resources, and the container to deeply anchor into self-trust and inner safety. We focus first on your body and energy, creating space for your whole self to thrive.

This builds a powerful foundation to align with your truth, your desires, to embody courage and practice self-regard. When you are anchored and aligned, there is space to amplify your joy, your voice, your visions, and your capacity for creation.

🔥 Courage asks you to face yourself and what you have been avoiding.

🔥 Courage gives you permission to be messy and in process.

🔥 Courage shows you YOUR definition of success, and lights the way into writing and living your own story.

🔥 Courage is honing your standards to be in alignment and integrity with YOU.

🔥 Courage is about tapping into what feels alive and choosing creation, rather than just feeling good and always having it be easy.

Practicing courageous self-leadership is an act of reclaiming and trusting your inner authority and knowing. It is acknowledging possibilities beyond your conditioning and habits.

What you’ll receive and experience in Cor:

Cor is a 6-month immersion designed to support you in deepening and expanding into self-trust, inner safety, truth telling, sacred devotion, body and soul nourishment, creative courage, radical joy, and leadership so you can write your own definition of success and live out the vision you have for your work and life. Cor is a combination of private coaching, group depth sessions, and embodiment + integration practices.

Program Flow

While we follow a framework and get into specific concepts and practices, this is not a content-heavy program. You will gain skills and competency in each of these areas and build your capacity for courage and self-leadership through live coaching on the calls, healing work in our private sessions, and relationally with the other members of the group. (No modules, worksheets, or checklists here).

Anchor into Trust + Safety

Month 1: Presencing Your Whole Self
Deepening self-knowledge and self-trust, accessing your inner wisdom, tending to your roots and anchoring into Self.

Month 2: Inner Safety + Capacity
Gently expanding your capacity through understanding your nervous system, building relationships with your parts, and creating space for dreaming and desire.

Align with your Truth + Vision

Month 3: Accessing Truth + Power
Redefining power and leadership, exploring self-responsibility and self-worth, developing nourishing and dynamic boundaries that support you.

Month 4: Courageous Success
Reimagining and reclaiming success, building a relationship with your intuition and spirit, making congruent decisions.

Amplify your Joy + Capacity for Creation

Month 5: Claiming Joy + Pleasure
Cultivating joy and pleasure from a place of trust and safety, embodying self-love and self-expression as daily practices.

Month 6: Expanding Possibility
Daily acts of creation and expression, celebration and play as ritual practice, courageous devotion to your vision and Self.

When you’re done with Cor:

➡️ Instead of spinning over decisions and hedging your bets, you’ll have the confidence to clearly connect with what you truly want, as well as a decision-making framework to help you get there.

➡️ You’ll have a stronger connection to the wisdom of your body, your energetic needs, and how to take care of yourself and your people sustainably while still moving forward and creating what you desire.

➡️ You’ll understand how to create nourishing, dynamic boundaries that deeply support you and leave room for humanity.

➡️ You’ll be clear on your “lane”, what your priorities are, and what you bring to the table through your work, relationships, creativity, and the essence of you– no more freezing up when something happens in the world, or getting overwhelmed trying to be everything for everyone.

➡️ You’ll know how to tend to and care for yourself during the tough times and seasons in life.

➡️ Rather than feeling stuck following the conventional models of success steeped in patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy, you’ll have possibilities and pathways for joy and success that honor your humanity and celebrate your whole self.

➡️ You’ll have a clear vision for the season ahead and the steps to bring it to life that honor your capacity and current needs.

➡️ You’ll have the courage to name the desires and dreams truly in your heart, and the skills to work toward them with integrity and regard for yourself and the world around you.

➡️ You’ll have a toolkit full of practices and resources you can turn to that will help you nourish your body, focus your energy, and gently expand your capacity for joy, courage, and creative action– over and over again.

What’s Included

You’ll engage with, integrate, and embody the pillars of courageous self-leadership through:

Group Sessions:

  • 13 small group sessions (90 minutes each)

Our small group calls will be approximately 2 times per month over the course of 6 months. These calls will be the heart of our work together, and will include a combination of:

  • Teaching on the session topic
  • Discussion and Relating
  • Somatic Practices and Meditation
  • Self Inquiry Questions
  • Individual Coaching and Q+A

These calls are a powerful space to learn through relating with others, to bring your questions and current experiences to the group for witnessing and sharing, and to be in community while we deepen into our bodies, heal, and create space for possibility.

Community Space:

There will be an optional Slack space for us all to connect and share between sessions, and there will be space to ask questions and receive support as needed.

Private Sessions:

  • 4 1:1 sessions with Kate

During our 6 months together, you will meet privately with Kate 4 different times. These sessions are designed to give you more space and support to navigate your experience, to work through some potentially more sensitive things coming up, to receive customized healing and nervous system care, and to anchor you into the practical decisions and actions that support your visions and desires.

Cor(e) Practices + Resources:

To anchor in the work we do during the calls, you will receive resources that will include rituals, journal inquiry + reflection, embodiment practices, meditations, and more.

These are optional resources available for you to use if it will be supportive and nourishing for you. None of this is required to successfully move through the program; and, if you’re someone who likes to have things to do between calls, these are available for you.

All sessions will be recorded and available to you in your membership portal, alongside the monthly tools and resources.

*Due to the high-touch, customized nature of this program, each cohort of Cor can enroll a maximum of 10 people to ensure each person receives plenty of attention, care, and support.

Program Timing:

Cor begins on Monday, July 18th and runs for 6 months, finishing on January 31st, 2023.
There will be a 2 week holiday break at the end of 2022.

Our exact call dates and times will be finalized once participants share their availability. They will most likely be sometime on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Fridays between 10am-5pm pacific time. If you are unable to make a call for any reason, everything will be recorded and available in your program portal.

Meet your facilitator + guide

For fun:
🌟 In human design I’m a 3/6 self-projected projector.

🌟 In astrology I’m a Leo sun, Aries rising, Virgo moon.
🌟 My enneagram is 4 with a heavy 3 wing.
🌟 I’m an INFP, my top 5 Strengths are all in Strategic Thinking, and I’m most likely a Ravenclaw.

Hi, I’m Kate Marolt. Among many things, I work as a transformational coach, embodiment + somatic practitioner, intuitive artist, human design reader, and depth facilitator.

I’ve been coaching, teaching, and creating transformational experiences since 2011, and my work centers on feeling deeply at home in yourself, fully embracing the human experience, cultivating creative courage and self-expression, and fiercely choosing joy.

I love to go deep and explore in the shadows and murky places. I also love to play and find the lightness and possibility in all things. I truly find that the more we root and anchor into the depths, the more space we have to expand and thrive.

I take a stand that each of our unique healing work, desires, and gifts don’t exist in a bubble, and that true thriving embraces the interconnectedness of everything. Who we are, what we experience, and what we create in this world is not separate from the systems and societies we operate in, and what we choose individually is more powerful when considered as part of a whole. I work from a lens that incorporates the individual as part of the community and the collective, and takes into account the myriad of different identities we each hold.

Courage has long played a role in my own self-discovery and leadership process. As a self-identified fearful and anxious human, integrating courage and building capacity to be present with uncomfortable feelings has been a cornerstone in making decisions and taking action in ways that are deeply supportive and joyful, and that lead me in the direction I want to go.

I’ve been fascinated by and studying self-discovery, embodied self-love, and courageous action for more than 15 years. While so much of the personal development space is oriented toward happiness and achievement, I’ve long taken a different perspective on what we desire in our quest for meaning.

For soul-driven, wild-hearted humans, I don’t actually think we are seeking happiness, or always wanting things to be easy and comfortable.

I think we are truly seeking aliveness, purpose, meaning, fulfillment and satisfaction, deep soul joy that comes from stepping into the arena, becoming more of who we are, choosing to be wild and creative and raw.

This takes courage. It takes knowing yourself and building a relationship with yourself that is kind, fierce, loyal, and true. Self leadership is a deeply courageous act. Creating a life you love waking up for, that taps into the depths of your soul potential and promise, is deeply courageous. And I honor you for being in that exploration.

To me you are unerringly whole, powerful, and full of creative magic and possibility.

I firmly stand in the belief and hold the vision that we are here on this planet to be lit up, joyful, delighted, and thriving. I recognize it takes courage and a continued commitment to know yourself and step into leadership in order to build a life and a world you love waking up for. Part of my superpowers is seeing and holding space for your big vision and potential, while fully accepting and celebrating where you are right now.

My deep joy and work in the world is helping YOU see how amazing you are, and guiding you to discover simple, practical ways to embrace and enjoy who you are, create and work with your unique rhythms and cycles, and to help you craft a pathway to realize your big courageous vision in a way that feels deeply spacious, authentic, and joyful.

Your Investment:

✨ $3888 paid in full ✨

✨ 8 monthly payments of $486 ✨

Have questions or want to connect and see if this program is right for you? Click here to book a resonance call with Kate.

What clients say about working with Kate:

Note: Since this is the first time I’m offering this program, these testimonials are from my private clients and from clients who have done other small group programs with me.

Christine says:

Basically nothing is the same in my life after working with Kate. Coaching with her was the catalyst that I needed, when I needed it, that allowed me to break free of all of the real and imagined chains holding me down. She helped me find center and groundedness within myself, acknowledge my own superpowers, and become comfortable with who I am when I’m not trying to be what everyone else wants me to be.
Kate has an intuition that is incredibly keen. She knows when I need to be enveloped and held in whatever it is we are tackling that day/week/month/year, and she knows when I need to be lovingly shaken out of my own bullshit spirals. She uses her magic and tools to customize her approach to each client based on how they best receive and process information. One of the biggest gifts life gave me was to be seen – truly seen and acknowledged – by this amazing woman!

Anie says:

Working with Kate was the best choice I could have made for myself. Coaching with her has changed my life in so many ways. I have a stronger sense of my own intuition and learned to trust my gut, started discovering my why and sense of purpose, and went from having anxiety over trying to think about the future to being able to easily dream and vision about where I want to be. 

Kate’s style of coaching is for someone who is ready to explore new possibilities, someone who is invested in connecting with themselves and developing a deeper understanding of who they are and what they bring to the table. It’s for a person who’s ready to be pushed and challenged to explore things in a new and different way. For people who are open to exploring how they are energetically connected to things. For people who want to have deeper connections with their bodies and themselves.

Her ability to understand and empathize with where I’m coming from while gently guiding me to go further has made a huge difference in my life. Her method of always coming from listening to your body and listening to your gut and intuition has really changed how I think about and approach things.  She’s always been supportive and knows when to push me that little extra bit.  She also reminds me of things that I need to be reminded of and pushes me to understand what I am thinking and why.

Mary says:

There are so many results and changes I can directly relate to my work with Kate! The biggest change is that I trust myself. I trust that the choices I make are right for me right now. I trust my knowledge and abilities. I trust the timing of my growth. Biggest of all, I trust my intuition to guide me to my most expressed, true, freest, me-est life.
With Kate’s help, I transformed my outwardly successful (but inwardly draining) business into a sustainable container to fuel my passion project. I actually have energy to enjoy my time outside of work now because of it! I have more compassion for myself and for others. I can recognize when I feel disempowered or out of balance, and can choose how to respond or if I want to shift. Having support like this has fast tracked my development as a joyful, expressed, fulfilled human. And it only continues to gain momentum (and settle more deeply into my body as my automatic state of being) the more I work with Kate.
Kate is consistent and dependable in her support. She is steady in her techniques or questions or style, which helps me feel safe to continue to show up, and yet she isn’t rigid or dogmatic. She is the biggest, brightest example of compassion and acceptance in my life. Even when I change my mind about things as I’m working through my stuff, she doesn’t judge me.
I haven’t met another coach who continues to invest in themselves the way they want their clients to invest in them; Kate does. She walks her talk. And you can feel her care. Kate is a compassionate, judgment-free lighthouse on the shores of fun, exploration and self fulfillment.
Kate’s work is for anyone who is ready for something more in their life – more happiness, more joy, more fulfillment, more FUN! – and is ready to be brave, face themselves and create it for themselves.

Rebecca says:

Kate always has the most insightful, deeply penetrating self-reflection questions. Here’s what I’ve noticed after being in her Trust Yourself More program: The difference between fighting myself through a day, and trusting myself to do what I really want, need, and desire is the difference between night and day. With that profound paradigm shift, I was able to start truly caring for myself and my well-being, and ultimately moving towards what really fuels my soul. Kate’s rawness, truth, being – really brings light to people. I’m so glad I found her.

Still have questions or want to connect and see if this program is a fit for you? Click here to book a resonance call with Kate.